City Of Ashes release short film on World Mental Health Day

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Due to embarrassment and stigma mental health issues are still not talked about nearly enough and that is a dangerous thing. Mental health issues have touched my life in a number of ways and I know too many people who have struggled with them in one way or another. World Mental Health Day is just one way to raise awareness of mental health issues but they need to be talked about on a much more regular basis than that. The more we talk about it the less stigma will be attached and hopefully the more easily people will be able to ask for help.

Brighton alternative rockers City Of Ashes are pleased to reveal their incredible short film for single release ‘Sometimes’ taken from their latest album ‘Rise’. The film was released on World Mental Health Day exclusively with Louder Than War.


The band independently took it upon themselves to set up ‘The Sometimes Project’ to help their fans with their battles with depression and anxiety, as well as raise awareness for mental health. The project has touched hundreds of people, so much so that the band gained funding for the production of their new video with the National Lottery, as well as obtaining sponsorship and support from Barclays, The London Eye and The Samaritans.

The band have also set up ‘Stand As One’: a simultaneous gig across the country taking place on the 19th November in different cities up and down the UK. Artists at all of these shows will share their own experiences and battles with depression. City Of Ashes will be at Barclays Eagle Lab, Brighton for it.



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