Death Before Dishonor Book Tour and Giveaway

As part of my plan to try and read more this year, I thought I’d do something a little bit different and get involved in a book tour. Not just a book tour though. A giveaway too.

death before dishonor tour

Death Before Dishonor by Kenny Hyman is a ninja story like you’ve never heard before. With twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, it kept me turning the pages. It isn’t a book I’d normally pick up but it was a pleasant change from my usual reads. I don’t really have a lot of knowledge of ninja culture but Tom is a fan and I’ll be passing this over to him to have a read and see what he thinks.

I thought it might be easier for you to get an idea of the book if I shared a little excerpt with you.

Chapter Nine: Death Is The Only Certainty
Suzuka Mountains. Mie Prefecture, Japan. Eighteen years ago.

The rain was coming down hard, making the slopes of the mountains that cradled the village treacherous as Terry, Saki, and Akiko scaled them. Saki and Akiko were accustomed to the unforgiving rise and fall of the terrain as well as the weather at these altitudes. Terry, however, was not. He was, though, starting to adapt to the environment, and his ability to keep pace was improving day by day. Terry was hardly as athletic as Saki and Akiko. They could leap tremendous distances for their sizes and scuttle along thin outcroppings and ravines deftly like aspiring tightrope walkers. They had amazing upper-body strength, allowing them to hoist up to and around overhangs in no time, whereas Terry spent much of his time trying to negotiate shear surfaces with their disagreeable instruction or having to navigate a less treacherous secondary route. The handholds and footholds were harder to grasp firmly, and the sharp turns were harder to negotiate, but with youth came a daredevil spirit and limitless energy.

Daylight was fading rapidly—what daylight was available from behind the electricity-hurling monsters thundering and shaking the mountainsides—and they were trying to make it back to the village before sunset. They were not allowed to be outside the village periphery after dusk and did not want to violate their curfew if they could help it. The rain set them back a little, the persistent downpour obscuring their view, but it didn’t slow their pace.

If this has tickled your fancy why not enter the giveaway below for your own ebook of Death Before Dishonor.


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