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I’ve been eyeing up my wardrobe recently and I’ve been less than impressed with what I’ve found. I need an injection of some key autumn pieces that are fashionable but functional. This is where the rather ace Fashion Union steps up with lots of lovely things at really reasonable prices.

Fashion Union Collage I tried to limit myself to a top five but got over excited and had to go with a top seven instead. Ideally, obviously, I’d like to get these items (and a whole load more) for free. That’s why I’m entering this wicked Etail PR competition to try to win a £500 voucher to spend at Fashion Union.

One – I love a checked shirt and the bright blue of this one is really nice. I like the thought of layering it over a t-shirt and jeans or under a jumper as it gets a bit cooler. At £20 it’s a bargain too.

Two – This jumper ticks a whole load of boxes for me. Affordable? at £18, yes it is. Animal print? I love me some leopard so this is a big yes. Bright colour? That shade of orange couldn’t be much brighter. Love it!

Three – I love any excuse to wear a hat and my black bowler is my go to hat. I love the idea of having a bright red one to mix it up a bit and for £12 I could afford two!

One – This £20 shirt is awesome. I can’t wait to start layering it under the grey and black jumpers that are languishing at the bottom of my wardrobe already. It will definitely make my wardrobe a bit more fun.

Five – I love the colour of this £20 dress and although I’m not a fan of the way velvet feels I still really want it. The colour is gorgeous and warm and the skater style hides a multitude of sins so I don’t have to worry when I say yes to that second hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and flakes!

Six – I love wearing heels but my feet aren’t that much of a fan of them. These £25 platforms look like I could still easily run for the bus in them and bop round the bar too! (As if I’ve ever run for a bus! ha).

Seven – The PU trim on this wool skirt makes it look a bit more high-end. Leather trim is everywhere at the moment and this wool mini skirt looks a lot more expensive than the £22 it costs.

Not only is Fashion Union offering this ace £500 voucher prize for their favourite wish list, they currently have free delivery on all orders for the rest of September.


If you make your own wish list, leave me the link so I can see what you’d pick. Even if you don’t let me know what you’d buy, give me some more inspiration for what I can buy on pay day!



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