ILWF Summer Dresses Wish List

ILWF has a bloody brilliant summer sale on at the moment. I’m desperate to add a bit of colour into my wardrobe as the weather gets better so I thought I’d share with you the top 5 dresses I’m dying to buy as soon as payday comes round.

There are lots of gorgeous dresses at ILWF but these are my top five.

ILWF Sale Wishlist
ILWF Sale Wishlist

1. Love Ice Cream Pink Waffle Cold Shoulder Dress – £22 – How cute is this dress? I want to wear it with frilly socks and pumps and go for a milkshake. It’s the perfect summer date dress.

2. Love Peach Polka Dot Woven Dress With Lace Trim Skirt – £30 – This is a brilliant summer party dress. The colour is dreamy, it’s covered in polka dots (my favourite) and it would look just as good with ankle boots as it would with sky-high heels.

3. Love Original Leopard Print Shift Dress With Contrast Panels – £15 – I couldn’t have a wish list without any leopard print in it now could I? It’s my favourite! Plus, this shift dress is really sweet.

4. Love Mint Shift Dress – £10 – I want this to brighten up my work wardrobe. I love the mint colour and the shape makes it super easy to wear everyday.

5. Love Red And White Gingham Below The Knee Body Con Dress – £24 – I love a wiggle dress and this is a super cute one. I’d be tempted to wear this to work if I was feeling particularly fierce one day but it’s also a brilliant wedding reception dress too.

I go through phases with  my wardrobe. I used to live in my jeans and dresses where the exclusive realm of fancy occasions. Now though I’ve had a bit of a 180 and I love wearing a dress. How did I not realise that dresses are the easiest thing in the world to wear? You don’t have to worry about find a top to go with your bottoms or the other way around.

Are you getting anything from the ILWF sale? What do you think of my selection?



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