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My father in law is a keen cyclist. Sometimes when his map my ride notifications appear on my Facebook feed I’m astonished at how far he’s actually gone. How is it possible to just keep peddling for that many hours?

I’m fully aware that cycling is not for me. I mean, I’m currently trying to get on my exercise bike each morning but after 15 minutes or so I’m uncomfortable, I’ve got pins and needles and I’m bored. I’m usually in front of the TV too so I have something to distract myself with. I’m too scared to try out my skills on a real bike. Cyclists in London are terrifying; my heart is in my mouth whenever I see one. Whether I’m scared they’re about to wobble under a bus or they’re ignoring traffic lights and about to mow me down they really do range from one extreme to the other.

Anyway! That’s enough of my inability as a cyclist. has just released a new line in unusual personalised gifts – bicycle repair kits. As soon as I saw them I knew straight away who they would make an ideal gift for.

Personalised bicycle repair kit

Personalised bicycle repair kit – £24.99

There are 4 different tin designs to choose from (I went with the spokes design) and each one contains a 15 piece multi-tool, 2 tire levers, puncture repair stickers, a miniature grater and rubber cement glue. All of which fits inside a little pouch with a reflective trim that you can attach to your bike. When we actually got to the in-laws at the weekend it seemed the present was brilliantly timed as Tom’s dad was in the process of doing something mechanically technical with his bike and its gears so he could get the tool to work straight away. Apparently it had the right sized allen key that he was missing to finish the job. Thumbs up from him then.

Personalised bike repair kit

Not being a bikey person I, obviously, thought the tin was the coolest bit. It makes what could be an otherwise standard gift that extra bit special and kind of proves you didn’t run into Halfords last minute. You can add their name to the tin and up to two lines of message.

I love anything you can add a name to. Even those padded velvet headbands that you used to get in the 90s. I had a few of them all with my name written in different coloured glitter glue so I could co-ordinate them with my outfit! Yeah, I was a cool kid. (Side tracked much?)

I actually really rate in general and they have some really nice ideas for presents on their site. Plus they break it down in loads of ways that you’re bound to find something to suit that special someone whether it be for their birthday, anniversary or even Mother’s Day. Even though it’s just round the corner you can still order in time for Sunday and pip your siblings to the title of favourite child 😉

What do you think? Do you have a cyclist in your life that would like one of these? Are you a sucker for a bit of personalisation like me?



I was kindly given the bicycle repair kit for review.

All thoughts and words are my own.

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