My Next Christmas Wish List

I have been loving Next recently. Everything from their homeware and Christmas decorations to clothes and shoes have been getting better and better with each season. So I put together a little wish list post of some of my favourite things.

Next Wishlist

1. Ceramic House Tealight Holder – £8

I love this, I’d probably even use it all year round. Not just at Christmas. It’s so cute.

2. Retro LED Lights -£30

I love these fairy lights. the big round retro looking lightbulbs would make a stylish addition to any Christmas tree. I have visions of these in a big glass vase in our living room at the moment though. I might have to get a few sets I love them so much.

3. Felt Christmas Bunting – £10

This bunting would look brilliant in my hallway, greeting all my Christmas visitors.

4. Glass Drinks Dispenser – £26

This is awesome.I really love the drink me motif on the front, it’s like Alice In Wonderland meets Christmas. I’m not sure if it could take mulled wine but it could definitely serve up some awesome Christmas cocktails over the festive season.

5. Suede Over The Knee Boots – £85

There is no outfit that these boots and my tweed cape couldn’t disguise and make look smart. I could be doing a late night mint Matchmaker dash (because I eat a lot of them at Christmas) in my pyjamas with these boots and my cape over the top and no one would know. Also, they’re super stylish and look so comfy. Perfect for all that Christmas Day visiting.

6. Midi Pleat Skirt – £45

This skirt would be perfect for Christmas Day. The metallic finish would go fabulously with a plain black top. Looking fantastic but with minimal effort is always the order of the day, especially at Christmas when there is so much other stuff going on. Also, it has an elasticated waistband, ideal for when you overindulge on the pigs in blankets at dinner time!

What do you think? Have you spied anything at Next recently?



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