Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

There are a couple of big events happening in my life over the next year or so. Events that are going to be captured on film (well, digitally probably but you know what I mean.) I don’t think I’ve seen a photograph of myself that I’ve been happy with for about 10 years and I don’t want to look back at these images and hate them and myself. I wish I could contribute my weight to some sort of extenuating factor but I can’t. I was never a fat kid and there was no significant event in my life that made me start obsessing about my weight but I have been yo-yo dieting since I was a teenager.

Source - Motivation Blog

Source – Motivation Blog

So, no more fad diets, no more Weight Watchers, no more Slimming World… I’ve tried them all. Now, it has to be down to me making the right choices. Mentally, if nothing else, I can’t hack another diet. As good as they mat be in the short-term in always end up falling off the wagon in a fairly dramatic fashion and putting on even more weight than I lost in the first place.

It’s not exactly a secret that to lose weight you have to move more and eat less, not necessarily in amount but in calories. So, here I am standing (well, sitting on the sofa at the moment) before you as I pledge to turn my lifestyle around.

I’m going to let you in to a secret, a deep dark secret I don’t like sharing with even those closest to me – my weight. It’s a secret because I’m ashamed of myself that I’ve allowed myself to get this heavy. Now, before I share this magic number with you I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I honestly don’t believe that a woman’s worth should be measured by a number on a scale and I know I have a fair few traits and attributes that make me feel pretty good about myself on a day-to-day basis. This is purely something I am using as a tool to measure my progress as I strive to look better in photographs. Right, now that is out the way, as of Monday 6th May 2013 I weighed 13 stone 5 lbs. Yes, I know that was over a week ago but I didn’t think just announcing I was going to start trying to lose weight was going to cut it. So I thought I’d best kick off my plan before I started shouting about it.

I have started making smarter choices with my food, becoming more active and generally being nicer to myself. My skin is looking a bit better as I’m consuming less sugar, I’m more awake during the day after cycling for at least 20 minutes each morning and the numbers on the scale are decreasing as I’m currently tackling Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred every other night when I come home. I’ve established that only doing it every other night means I’m not dreading it when I get home and with it only being 20 minutes long means I give it everything for the whole workout.

I still treat myself to a chocolate biscuit or a gin and tonic when I want one but that’s a lot less than I used to. Also, I know that denying myself these things will only make me want them more and fall off the wagon in spectacular fashion. I had a particularly rubbish day in work this week and consoled myself with some chocolate and wine. It made me feel better at the time and I got right back on it the next day. I’ve realised small set backs like this can’t let me put a downer on myself and that I just have to move past it. That’s got to be the key to a balanced lifestyle.

OK, OK, so I can’t say I’ve changed forever and I’m 100% happy yet as I’ve only been giving this a go for just over a week but here we go. So far I’ve lost a pretty good 5lbs and I’m definitely not expecting to keep this level of weight loss up in the future but 1 or 2lb a week would make me a very happy lady.

So. I know this sounds a bit preachy and that this post doesn’t really have a specific point but I guess I just wanted to put it out there. I figured that if I put it down in writing and in front of you I’d feel accountable and stick to it more.

Do you want to hear more about my progress? Do you have any tips for me? Should I share some low-fat recipes as well as cakes and sweet stuff?



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  1. Cate Elise says:

    Well done! I’ve lost 2 stone in the last year just by making little changes. I would recommend skinny popcorn when you’re starving in the afternoon – you can get it in Pret, so when all my friends are having hot chocolate and a cake, I have skinny popcorn and a coffee.
    You can do it!!! πŸ˜€ xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

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