Winter Warmers – Hats and Gloves

I hate being cold and have a tendency to pile the layers on all through the year, not just at winter. Hats and gloves are definitely a staple part of my wardrobe all year round, the only difference being that the hats tend to become wooly in winter.

I have recently received a brand new knitted bobble hat and pair of gloves that I wanted to share with you. I think you’d describe them both as “novelty” items but not in the cheesy, cringeworthy way that means you’ll wear them once for a laugh.

Let me start with the hat…

Get F*cked Beanie from Firebox

Get F*cked Beanie, £15.99 from Firebox

Sadly, this picture isn’t me but if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me sporting this bloody awesome Get Fucked beanie* from Firebox. It pretty much sums up my general feeling towards the cold, London commuters and the morning so I can honestly say I wear it with pride on my journeys to work. In fact, Tom has taken a bit of a shine to it too and has also worn it on occasion. It comes in a couple of different colourways. Judging by the site at the moment you can’t get it in grey and black anymore, which is the one I have, but you can get it in black and orange and burgundy and yellow which I really like.

I’d be careful where you wear it to though. You friends will probably find the sentiment quite funny but turning up to your nan’s for Sunday lunch in it might not go down quite so well!

Moving on to the gloves…

Blue monster warmster gloves

Blue Monster Gloves, £12.95 in adult size, Warmsters

How cute are these bad boys? When I found out that they weren’t just available in kids sizes I was absolutely over the moon. I have pretty huge shovel hands so being able to get a pair of gloves that turn into a monster face really made me happy. These blue Warmsters gloves* have been keeping my hands totally toasty and my friends quite amused. They come in four different colours too giving you the chance to own a whole family of monsters! They would make an awesome parent/child present for Christmas having matching monster gloves would be super cute.

All I need now is a super cool scarf to add to my new winter accessories. Any ideas?



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