When Lojo Met We Are Scientists

I have finally got through all my interviews from Leeds Festival earlier this year and now am able to share with you the very last one – We Are Scientists.

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In true We Are Scientist style they were really funny and super nice. We talked about Keith’s favourite jokes as told to him by Chris’ dad and the tactics they employ when they play Rainbow Six. I warn you now, these boys are ruthless!

They playing Brooklyn Bowl in London soon and I’m hoping to pop along to that. You should probably do the same if you’re in town.

Do you like me sharing these interviews with you? Would you like me to keep doing them?


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Super Shop: Doodlebump

There’s been a bit of a baby boom amongst mine and Tom’s friends recently with three gorgeous girls and two beautiful boys being born with the past six months or so. Seeing my Facebook timeline flooded with all these gorgeous little people is enough to almost make me broody!

I always struggle when it comes to buying presents for new babies. I mean, everything in their size is so super cute but I’ve known people get so many baby clothes as presents that they can’t change their outfit quick enough to wear them all before they grow. Plus, what if you get something they don’t like?

I’ve been on this baby shopping rollercoaster for a little while now. Soft toys and booties have been bought and gifted and (I hope) liked. Now, we have two more baby gifts to buy and I have been running out of ideas. That was until I discovered Doodlebump. Doodlebump sell personalised nursery art, cards and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Not only that but they’re really reasonably priced and arrive super quickly too. A personalised picture mounted and ready to be popped into a frame for £18 to £22 depending on size is a bargain. You can even buy them ready framed so all you have to do is hang it when it arrives.

043 e1413536686669 Super Shop: Doodlebump

A certain lovely little lady is getting this super pretty print* of her name and I’m excited to see what her mummy thinks of it.

042 e1413536772584 Super Shop: Doodlebump

Have you bought anything from Doodlebump? Have you got any brilliant shops I should check out for presents as Christmas arrives?


lojo e1358955095613 Super Shop: Doodlebump

100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 4)

It’s happy time again! Putting together this list is a lot more difficult than I initially thought it would be, you know. I’m starting to get to the point were I keep writing notes and finding that I’m repeating myself, which is obviously annoying.

If you’re interested in reading the other things that make me happy you can find parts 1, 2 and 3 by clicking those numbers.

4f9a830d02b50e1370b6f3428ca009de 100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 4)

Image by Flora Waycott

31. Red lipstick – I love red lipstick. I wear it a lot. Pretty much the only time I’m not sporting a red lip is at work when I tend to wear pink. I’m not really sure why. I have a lot of different shades of red lipstick and even an emergency one that lives in my handbag, separate to all my other make up just in case.

32. Making lists – I’m a list maker. If I want to get anything done I tend to have to make lists to make sure a complete all parts. I make sensible working lists like to do lists and shopping lists but I also make frivolous lists too, like this one or my 101 things in 1001 days!

33. Having a plan – I guess this goes hand in hand with my list writing. I love having a plan to work toward. Plans normally involve a variety of lists. When I say I love a plan I don’t necessarily mean a plan of what’s going on tonight, say. I mean I love having a big long-term plan with a set end goal. Like planning my wedding, that was a very definite end goal.

34. Harry – Harry is the other love of my life. No, I’m not cheating on Tom. Harry is my dog. He’s a beautiful black labrador and is daft. I miss him terribly because he lives with my mum and dad. If I had somewhere big enough in London I’d have him here with me in a heartbeat although I think my mum might fight me for him. He’s definitely her baby now.

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My Harry

35. Mum’s roast dinner – The ultimate comfort food. There’s always one thing in your mum’s repertoire that takes you back to being a youngun and my mum’s roast dinner is exactly that. The plate is always stacked high with mash and roasties so you don’t have to choose. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

36. Long train rides – Especially if I’m on my own. Gazing out the window as the scenery flies by. A chance to catch up on some reading, cross stitch or just having a little time to yourself to get your thoughts in order. I know I could really do that anywhere but long train journeys always seem to work best for doing that for me.

37. Books – Glorious books. I love books. I did borrow my friend Kat’s Kindle when we went on holiday and I have to admit it was so super handy and meant I didn’t fill our suitcase with a billion paperbacks and leave no room for clothes. However, I still love a book. The smell, the feel of the pages in your fingers and the shops that sell them.

38. Going home – Sometimes I miss Liverpool in general. Like not missing particular people and places like I do all the time but just a general feeling of missing the city I grew up in. It’s odd. I do get bouts of homesickness. I’ve talked about it before and nothing makes me feel better than when I’m going home for no real reason. When I don’t have things that I have to squeeze in and I’m just going home for going home’s sake. I get spoiled rotten by mum and dad and I get to catch up with my friends. What part of that wouldn’t make you happy?

39. Clean house – I’m dying to move out of our flat. Not because I don’t like the flat but for a variety of other reasons that are too long and petty to go into right now. If we could pick up our flat a pop it somewhere else that would ideal because I like our flat. I especially like it on those days that I’ve worked my arse off and scrubbed it spotless. When it looks its absolute best, I even toy with the idea of staying where we are.

40. Orange juice – I love the stuff. Proper freshly squeezed orange juice I’m talking about. I think it makes me happy because it makes me think of long, lazy breakfasts usually not in the house and with good company. Even when I grab a bottle of juice on the way the office it cheers me up because the smell takes me right back to happy times.

Have you started (or completed) a list of things that make you happy? I’d love to read it. Please leave me your links below.


lojo e1358955095613 100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 4)

When Lojo Met We Came As Romans

Another interview I did at Leeds Festival earlier this year. I feel terrible that it’s taken me so long to edit these and upload them but that’s what happens when you go to a festival two weeks before your wedding I guess. Naughty Laura.

Anyway, I chatted to Kyle and Dave from We Came as Romans  about the naughtiest thing Dave had ever done, their favourite jokes and the bet that could end up in an unfortunate tattoo.

If this has tickled your fancy you should definitely go and find out more about We Came As Romans.


lojo e1358955095613 When Lojo Met We Came As Romans

The Blogging Tag

This came from Anna’s blog and inspired me to follow suit and complete her short blogging tag. I’d really love to read some of your answers to this too so please do comment and leave your links for me.

Blogging e1412786062947 The Blogging Tag

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging a long long time ago. It wasn’t really blogging as it now back then obviously. It was more of an online diary thing. It was all pretty MySpace and emo and I cringe thinking about it. I started this blog back in July 2012 but didn’t really start paying proper attention to it until last year. I actually started this blog thanks to a lot of encouragement from the lovely Annie Bean. I had become a bit fed up with work and was a bit stuck in a rut so she encouraged me to start writing again and Lojo Vs The World was born.

How many people in real life know about your blog?

Most people do I think. I still get a bit shy about it sometimes and I don’t know why really. I think it’s because I feel like my writing isn’t as good as it could be sometimes or because I think people will roll their eyes at the topics I choose to write about. I’m not sure. I just need to increase my self-confidence, I guess.

What are your favorite posts to read?

I love house tours. I’m obsessed with seeing other people’s living spaces and then dreaming about my dream home and getting inspiration for when we finally have a space I can actually decorate.

List a blog you discovered recently?

I’ve just started reading The What Now Blog. I can’t really remember how I stumbled across it but recently Louise has posted a few posts that are really striking a chord with how I’m feeling at the moment, giving me a bit of motivation and making me think about my work life in a different way.

Which posts are you most proud of?

I think the post I’m most proud of is one I didn’t even write myself. Depression Is An Illness was written by my best friend, Hannah. I think I’m most proud of the fact that she poured her heart out to try to help others and then let me publish it for her.

Which advice would you give future bloggers?

Go for it. You don’t know if you’ll like it until you try it and you’ve lost nothing by having a go. With WordPress and other blogging tools available on your mobile you can write any time, any place so don’t wait.

 I tag all of you. Please leave me your links in the comments so I can read your answers too.


lojo e1358955095613 The Blogging Tag

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