Taking Stock

I recently read this Taking Stock post from Chiaki Creates and thoroughly enjoyed it. Giving myself a chance to sit back and think about where I am in my life isn’t something I give myself the opportunity to do very often so here goes.

At the moment I am…

HOLD ON Taking Stock

Enjoying: getting ready for Christmas.
Listening: to a lot of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.
Wearing: all of the layers and my vintage Harris Tweed cape.
Making: soup and cakes. Comfort food.
Cooking: lots of vegetables now I’ve signed up to Abel And Cole.
Drinking: lots of tea and a fair amount of bubbles.
Feeling: really happy and excited for the future.
Reading: Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk.
Looking: for something to wear on Christmas Day.
Wishing: I could sleep properly. I’m brilliant at falling asleep, not so good at staying asleep.
Liking: that good things keep happening.
Waiting: for inspiration to hit about my next hair colour.
Snacking: on chocolate mostly.
Coveting: a MacBook Pro.
Hearing: Chuck Bass. I’m watching Gossip Girl from the beginning again.
Learning: new cake recipes.
Loving: that I get to see my friends at home soon.
Watching: Gossip Girl and Christmas films.
Admiring: all of the outfits Serena wears.
Getting: myself ready for the new year.
Wondering: what to do with my time today.
Playing: Heads Up! I’m obsessed with it, it’s hilarious.
Noticing: the little things that mean so much.
Giggling: Black Books. I’ve been re-watching that too.
Bookmarking: books that I really want to read.
Deciding: to spend more time on the things I enjoy, especially writing.
Hoping: that I can get away for the weekend when Tom goes on his camp staff weekend away.
Contemplating: what my next step should be.
Wanting: to find a good face wash because all the ones I’ve had recently don’t make my skin feel nice.
Thinking: about Christmas at home.
Knowing: that everything will be alight in the end.


lojo e1358955095613 Taking Stock

My Next Christmas Wish List

I have been loving Next recently. Everything from their homeware and Christmas decorations to clothes and shoes have been getting better and better with each season. So I put together a little wish list post of some of my favourite things.

effective tips for green thumbs e1418477140592 My Next Christmas Wish List

1. Ceramic House Tealight Holder – £8

I love this, I’d probably even use it all year round. Not just at Christmas. It’s so cute.

2. Retro LED Lights -£30

I love these fairy lights. the big round retro looking lightbulbs would make a stylish addition to any Christmas tree. I have visions of these in a big glass vase in our living room at the moment though. I might have to get a few sets I love them so much.

3. Felt Christmas Bunting – £10

This bunting would look brilliant in my hallway, greeting all my Christmas visitors.

4. Glass Drinks Dispenser – £26

This is awesome.I really love the drink me motif on the front, it’s like Alice In Wonderland meets Christmas. I’m not sure if it could take mulled wine but it could definitely serve up some awesome Christmas cocktails over the festive season.

5. Suede Over The Knee Boots – £85

There is no outfit that these boots and my tweed cape couldn’t disguise and make look smart. I could be doing a late night mint Matchmaker dash (because I eat a lot of them at Christmas) in my pyjamas with these boots and my cape over the top and no one would know. Also, they’re super stylish and look so comfy. Perfect for all that Christmas Day visiting.

6. Midi Pleat Skirt – £45

This skirt would be perfect for Christmas Day. The metallic finish would go fabulously with a plain black top. Looking fantastic but with minimal effort is always the order of the day, especially at Christmas when there is so much other stuff going on. Also, it has an elasticated waistband, ideal for when you overindulge on the pigs in blankets at dinner time!

What do you think? Have you spied anything at Next recently?


lojo e1358955095613 My Next Christmas Wish List

Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

I’ve been pretty obsessed with photos recently and, rather vainly, photos of myself. Not just any old photos mind, I do mean our wedding snaps. So, when PicStick asked me if I wanted to try out creating some photo magnets* I jumped at the chance.

My mum has a big thing for magnets, she has magnets from all sorts of places she’s been, magnetic photo frames and a variety of novelty ones so what better Christmas stocking filler than a couple of photo magnets from the greatest day of her life! (This may only be my opinion but I’m sure she wouldn’t disagree – much!)

image 15 e1417879925981 Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

The process of creating the magnets is super easy. The hardest bit was picking just nine photos to use. Each of the photo magnets is 50 x 65mm and 0.75mm thick so they are comfortingly heavyweight and not flimsy and cheap looking.

image 13 e1417880378844 Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

I took a couple of close up pics to try to show you the quality of the printing and, to be honest, I think the blurriness of this is down to my photography skills not the quality of the photo magnets.

image 14 e1417880756328 Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

My only actual issue with the magnets was that I got a little bit worried when I was trying to separate them. They are scored so they are ready to be parted but I felt like I might rip them if I was too rough or rushed while I was working on separating them. Once I figured out that it worked better if you fold them down the scored lines and work them a little bit that way before pulling them apart it was all good. The edges aren’t rough once they’re separated which I thought they might be. They’re perfectly finished all the way around.

So, if you fancy getting yourself some photo magnets PicStick have given me a juicy 25% off code to share with you all. Simply use the code: WORLD25 at the checkout for your discount.

Let me know if you do get some and what photos you use. I’d love to see.


lojo e1358955095613 Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

Live Review: New Found Glory – The Forum – 28th November 2014

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, New Found Glory brought the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour to our shores and Steph and I toodled along to the first of two London shows* in The Forum.

Now, this is going to be a biased review because I bloody love New Found Glory. I thought I should probably throw that out there from the beginning just so you know.

pop punks not dead e1417855419455 Live Review: New Found Glory   The Forum   28th November 2014

Taking to the stage at about 9.30pm and not leaving till gone 11pm they powered through every highlight of their back catalogue you would want to hear, sprinkled with only a couple of tracks from their new album, Resurrection. It was like the ultimate greatest hits set. Some feat when you consider they now have eight full length albums and a handful of EPs to choose material from.

Hayley Williams of Paramore even joined the band on stage just before their encore for My Friends over You. Bouncing around on stage like a Duracell bunny. It wasn’t just Williams that was full of energy though; the entire atmosphere was completely electric from start to finish.

I bought myself a Nike+ Fuel Band a little while ago, now I know this may seem completely unrelated but I can assure you there is a link here. I achieved my highest Fuel score EVER the day of this show. I think that proves how much I enjoyed it by how much I was dancing! So thanks for that boys icon smile Live Review: New Found Glory   The Forum   28th November 2014 ha.

Loved every minute of it.


lojo e1358955095613 Live Review: New Found Glory   The Forum   28th November 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Last week was my birthday. I don’t really tend to get excited about my birthday anymore but Tom had listened to my not so subtle hints and booked us tickets to go and see Ross Noble on the evening of my actual birthday. I was super excited, and rightly so, he was mega. Friday was my work Christmas party and I’d made plans to celebrate with quite a big group of friends on Saturday.


So far, so good, right? Wrong! About halfway through Ross Noble’s show I was hit, struck down in my prime by a whole load of gross germs. Not literally, I mean it’s not like someone sneezed directly in my face. What I mean is that I all of a sudden felt rough. Grim.


I never went to my work Christmas party and I cancelled the night out I had planned. So my birthday celebrations were a little more…

 But never mind. I’m getting old now so I suppose I should take it easy. HA!

Anyway, as a mini celebration (and to try to blast my cold away with chilli) Tom fired up the JUST EAT app and we ordered ourselves a curry. OK it wasn’t the crazy night out I’d imagined, in fact a drop of alcohol never even crossed my lips.


Despite all this though I had a really nice night. No one got stressed out over wondering what to make for tea (this happens a lot in our house) in fact Tom didn’t even have to make a decision – I ordered for him, I didn’t even have to get out of my pyjamas and the most strenuous exercise was getting off the couch to get the plates out waiting for the arrival of our dinner. Bliss.


I wish I could say that this was a lovely treat but takeaways have been creeping more and more into our diet recently. I think it’s the weather. It’s so dark and I don’t want to do anything when I get home, so it’s nice and easy. I don’t even have to venture out to get cash. I do think I’m definitely built to hibernate through the winter months.
Mmmmmmm food.
lojo e1358955095613 Birthday Celebrations

*In collaboration with JUST EATt*

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