The 11 Things Tag

Ages ago Laura from Inside Laura’s Head tagged me into the 11 things tag and asked me a bunch (eleven to be exact) questions. Laura, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this up but here we go.11 things

1) How long have you been blogging?

For a couple of years now. I’ve dipped in and out of it really. Neglecting my blog for weeks or months at a time and then coming back with renewed vigour. I think this time though I’m feeling much better about it, I’m happier with my tone of voice and I think I’m finding my way now.

2) What is your favourite ever post?

Oh gosh, I don’t know. This is such a hard question. I think it might be one that I didn’t even write myself but that my best friend of too many to think about years wrote for me. Depression is an illness is what it was called and she wrote it just after the passing of Robin Williams. I think it’s beautifully written and she makes a very important point.

3) Name three products you can’t live without.

1. Hair dye. 2. Red lipstick. 3. Black eyeliner. I haven’t found an absolute specific for each of these and I am on, what feels like, an endless search for the absolute perfect one of each of these. I’ll happily take any recommendations.

4) Who is your favourite person in the whole world?

Ooooh, this is difficult. I’m not sure I can answer this without upsetting someone. I have favourite people for different reasons. Ok, ok, I’m going for it… my favourite person is my dad.

5) Why?

Because he’s my dad. He’s mega and my hero and just the best.

6) Do you have any pets?

I have a dog, Harry. He’s bloody awesome but sadly he lives in Liverpool with my parents. I miss him terribly when I’m not there and although he’s huge (he’s a black lab) he still thinks he’s a teeny, tiny puppy. In fact he’s probably my favourite person in the whole world, does he count?

7) What do you love about yourself?

These questions are tough. The thing I love about myself is that as I get older I’m going a bit easier on myself. I used to give myself such a hard time about everything and now I’ve realised that, you know what, I’m alright. I’m not the villain I thought I was.

8) What one piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?

Just do it. The more you write the more you’ll work out what you want from your blog. You don’t have to copy all those blogs you like reading, be yourself and you’ll be happier.

9) Would your 15-year-old self like the person you’ve become?

I don’t think she’d mind me. She’d probably be a bit upset that I work in gaming and not something a bit more exciting but she’d be pleased to know that I did make the leap and move to London like she always wanted.

10) If you won the lottery – what’s the first thing you’d buy?

A car. A white Range Rover Evoque. It’s my dream car. I’d then obviously buy somewhere to live that has a nice big garage I can pop her into.

11) What’s your best ever bargain?

I don’t know. I can’t think of anything particularly brilliantly bargainous that I’ve had. That makes me sad.

Wow, some of those questions where really hard. Now it’s my turn, here are my 11 things I want Rachael, Anna and Jemma to answer.

1. Why do you blog?

2. If you could have a super power what would it be?

3. If you could tell your younger self one thing what would you go back and say?

4. What is your hidden talent?

5. Tell us about the best day of your life.

6. What do you think other people think of when they see you?

7. What do you think of you?

8. What’s the 1 book, album and luxury item you’d take if you were stranded on a desert island?

9. What was your most embarrassing moment?

10. Tell us the meaning behind the name of your blog.

11. What’s your biggest dream?

As well as the ladies I’ve tagged above, I’d love to see anyone else have a go at these questions. If you do, please leave me your links so I can have a read of your answers.



June Round Up

Aaaargh! It’s July, where the hell is this year disappearing to? I know I’m getting old when I start stressing out about the time flying past but I just can’t get my head around it. Although I do think that this last month I’ve finally managed to pull my socks up and try to organise myself a bit. It’s only taken me half the year to sort my head out but I’ve got there now and I feel so much better for it.

June round Up

Making: plans. We’ve booked a holiday for September and I’ve put a deposit down on a course.

Cooking: still not much. I’ve been training most nights the past couple of weeks so Tom has been doing the cooking. As much as he keeps trying to get me to call at McDonalds on the way home I keep refusing.

Drinking: so much water. I actually have a bet going with someone in work to not drink any alcohol until the end of July. It’s going well so far.

Reading: I’ve gone back to Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter. I’m sick of having a stack of half read books so I’m trying to work my way through them before I start anything else.

Wanting: to have a massive clear out. I have so much stuff that needs clearing through.

Looking: for some new gym clothes.

Playing: nothing really.

Deciding: what to do with my hair next. I’m so happy to be getting my roots done this weekend.

Wishing: that I was stronger and fitter and not as scared to do things.

Enjoying: doing Cross Fit. Who would’ve thought that would ever happen?

Waiting: for this spot on my chin to leave me alone. It’s taken up permanent residence.

Liking: the weather being warmer.

Wondering: if my legs will ever stop aching.

Loving: that I’m going home to Liverpool this weekend.

Pondering: a redesign of my blog.

Considering: what the best course of action is to get to my goals.

Watching: loads of Netflix documentaries. I love them.

Hoping: that I can get something fun done at the hairdressers on Saturday.

Marvelling: at my gorgeous best friend and the baby in her belly.

Needing: to go shopping.

Smelling: of Caroline Herrera CH. I’m working through the stockpile of perfumes I have.

Wearing: My new Nike trainers. They’re so bright I love them.

Following: Orange Is the New Black. I have had a chance to sit and binge watch so I’m slowly travelling through the new series.

Noticing: time flying past so quickly. Soon it will be Christmas!

Knowing: that I could totally do with a nap right now.

Thinking: about driving back to Liverpool tomorrow.

Admiring: people who reach their goals.

Sorting: out the flat, trying to clear out some clutter.

Buying: new jeans and I really want some dungarees.

Getting: stronger.I lift weights now don’t you know!

Bookmarking: motivational posts.

Disliking: my rubbish willpower.

Opening: the windows because it’s been quite warm.

Giggling: at more things now I’m less stressed.

Feeling: pretty good about stuff.

Snacking: on popcorn, I love sweet and salty popcorn.

Coveting: a dreamy office space.

Wishing: that I could make things happen quicker than they are.

Hearing: all of the 90s boy bands after Kat’s East 17 themed party.

I do intend to write a bit more about starting Cross Fit and about Kat’s party so I’ll try to get them up soon. Let’s have you July.



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When Lojo Met Finch

This is my last interview video for a while, I promise!! Normal service will resume on Thursday and I’ll go back to my usual ramblings.

Finch played at Koko in Camden at the beginning of June and I got half an hour with them before they hit the stage. It was one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. I laughed a lot!

Image from Finch’s Facebook Page

The two Alex’s and I talked about crazy food around the world (cod ovaries, anyone?), the fact that Grizzly always wins, how Alex Pappas turns into Captain Jack sparrow when he’s drunk and the idea for the best prank to play on someone when you’re travelling.

Just in case you can’t watch it above you can see it on my YouTube channel here.