The other day Tom said something to me and I immediately burst into song at him. (Please tell me you do that when people say something that reminds you of a song too?) He stared at me kind of blankly (nothing new there) and it took me a minute to realise he had no idea what I was singing to him and for once it wasn’t just my awful singing that meant he couldn’t place it.

The song in question I was singing at him was The Mustard from Once More, With Feeling. You know, that musical Buffy episode? Exactly!


I do burst into song at random times without even thinking about it. It can be pretty embarrassing, mostly for the people who are with me at the time. The other day Tom and I were on the DLR and he was trying to tell me a story. Every time he got to a word I could possibly link to a song I sang at him. I don’t think he was very impressed. Hahahaaaa. It amused me no end though. Anyway, that’s a different thing, normally I do it as a reflex action without even thinking. Please tell me that you do this too! I’m not just a weirdo on my own.

Me being weird wasn’t the point of this post anyway. It was about soundtracks – hence the title. I love a good soundtrack. One that really gets you going and it hasn’t even crossed your mind that it’s a bit odd that people have burst into song for no apparent reason. I think the best thing about soundtracks is that as long as you give it a lot of oomph you sound pretty good belting them out. Well, that and the fact it makes the housework go by a bit quicker and makes it a bit more fun to do if you dance with the vacuum cleaner and bellow out some show tunes.

So yeah, I just wanted to share my reignited love of musical soundtracks with you and just in case you had forgotten about or, heaven forbid, you’ve never heard the Once More With Feeling soundtrack I’m just going to leave it here.

What other soundtracks should I perform (it’s never a sing along, it’s always a performance) when I’m next running the hover around?



Goodbye July

It feels like ages and ages ago since I last wrote one of these posts but looking back it definitely was June. I normally complain that the months are flying by at the beginning of these round-up posts but for once I’m not. July seemed to take its own sweet time and I kind of liked it. I hope August is a long one too.

July Round Up

Making: lists. I’ve got quite a lot going on this month so I’m try to make sure I’ve got everything sorted.

Cooking: Lots of pasta. I’m a bit obsessed with pesto at the moment so much so that I covered the inside of the picnic loaf with it that we made the other day.

Drinking: Still trying to drink lots of water. Some days are better than others. I’ve also started drinking Bootea again. Trying to have a bit of a detox before I go on holiday.

Reading: I’ve not long started Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I love it. I still haven’t finished Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter either. I’m determined to have these both finished by the end of July!

Wanting: to have a massive clear out. I still haven’t had a chance to do this. I might start with our bedroom this weekend actually. Wish me luck.

Looking: forward to all of the exciting things happening the rest of the year.

Playing: the will Laura be able to stand up properly today game. I really need to get a massage and ease up some muscles.

Deciding: what I need to pack for all of the trips I’m taking soon.

Wishing: that I could move house.

Enjoying: getting fitter.

Waiting: to start looking the way I want.

Liking: that I’m not in work much between now and the middle of September.

Wondering: if Tom is going to enjoy crossfit.

Loving: that we have a chilled out weekend planned.

Pondering: everything. I’m always pondering something.

Considering: where to begin with the big clear out.

Watching: Teen Moms OG. I have them Sky+d and I keep binge watching them.

Hoping: that I can start to see some differences soon.

Marvelling: at my gorgeous best friend and the baby in her belly.

Needing: to win the lottery. Just so we can move house to somewhere swanky. Ha.

Smelling: of Paul Smith Rose. I’m still working through the stockpile of perfumes I have.

Wearing: all of the black. I tried colour but I’ve gone back to the dark side where I belong. 

Noticing: that a lot seems to be happening all at once now.

Knowing: that things are going in the right direction.

Thinking: about what I might have forgotten from the supermarket shop that is arriving later today.

Admiring: my little lad, HB.

Sorting: out everything we need for our holiday.

Buying: a super warm sleeping bag and a new black hoodie.

Getting: stronger and fitter.

Bookmarking: all of the gorgeous home things that we can’t afford or fit into the flat.

Disliking: our landlord.

Giggling: at lots of things.

Feeling: broody. I’m living vicariously through Hannah at the minute.

Snacking: on Neal’s Yard sweet and spicy megamix. I adore it.

Coveting: about six different pairs of boots.

Wishing: that I could make things happen quicker than they are.

Hearing: The Last Podcast On The Left. Hannah suggested it a while ago and I’m really enjoying it. Why are serial killers so interesting?

July, you are out of here. August, come at me.



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Getting Out of The City | Dunstable Downs

This weekend just gone Tom and I ventured out of the big smoke and out to Dunstable Downs to spend an afternoon with his family. We packed a picnic, jumped in the car and hit the road to Hertfordshire.

 The weather was actually pretty good on Saturday, especially as it never stopped raining all day Friday (when I gallivanted around town in my rain hood) and a lot of Sunday too. Which is definitely a good thing, it would have sucked to try to have a picnic in the rain! It was pretty cloudy and really windy which turned out to be excellent weather for the kite festival that happened to be planned for that day too. I do understand that the photos make the weather look a little bit grim and although the grey clouds were pretty ominous looking there were a fair few gaps in them.

Dunstable Downs

We hadn’t actually planned to attend the kite festival but it made for interesting viewing. Especially as when we arrived “Steve! One man, two kites!” was announced to be taking to the demonstration area. Although sadly we missed it. I’ve never really understood the whole kite flying thing. They’re pretty fun to look at but once they’re in the air what do you do? I don’t mean professional kiters (is that what they’re called?) like Steve who can fly two at once and does crazy demonstrations. I mean us normal folk who just fly one at a time. Maybe it’s because I’ve never actually attempted to fly a kite and I’m missing out on it that way. Who knows?

Dunstable Downs kite festival

Aside from the kite festival we played our own games; mostly the boys kicked balls of varying sizes at each other or as high as they could into the air for a while. We then had a big game of rounders. I was captain of one of the teams and although we weren’t really keeping score I’m totally convinced that we won. Sorry Tom! I always forget that I really love rounders, it’s so much fun. I want to play it more often. Who’s with me?

shark kite at Dunstable Downs

Dunstable Downs is only about an hour outside of London but it totally feels like proper countryside. Looking out over the fields and watching the gliders and hang gliders soar and swoop is really kind of mesmerising. Especially as I’m really confused by hang gliding. How does it work? How do you do it? Can someone explain it to me, please? I just don’t get it. It looks incredible but I’m baffled by it.

Anyway, as I was saying it feels like miles and miles away from the busy city and is perfect for a quick getaway when you’re craving a bit of fresh air and greenery (and a local park just won’t do).

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just need to get out and blow some cobwebs out of my head. It’s probably because where my parents live it’s a short walk to be in the middle of fields or a few minutes drive and you’re at the beach. I’ve always been able to get out somewhere and stretch my legs and clear my head.

Lojo and Tom at Dunstable Downs

I’m always looking for new places to venture out to so if you have any suggestions or recommendations I am all ears.