About Me

Hello there.

I’m Laura or Lojo.

Nice to see you in my little world on the internet.

I love tea, cake, gin, tattoos, crafty things, the husband and the baby. We have a nice little flat in London and are very happy in our new home town.

I don’t act my age and have realised that it’s the little things that make life great.

Lojo Vs The World is the place I like to share most of the things that pop into my head. Whether that’s things that have been playing on my mind, places we go and things that we do.

I hope you enjoy it and if there’s anything you’d like to know or want me to write about just say – laura@lojovstheworld.co.uk

Laura and Tom Engagement shoot

A little more about me…

I am a mishmash of pirate loving, old lady acting and rockabilly wannabe-ing. The results of this is usually me drinking copious amounts of rum or gin, dreaming up my next sailor tattoo, knitting, cross-stitching, baking and trying to be ladylike instead of the clumsy oaf I am.

I drink too much tea and love to dunk biscuits in it. I get bored easily, especially with my hair so it doesn’t stay the same for very long. Cardigans are pretty much my favourite item of clothing and I love a good board game. Oh and I’m pretty much always cold.

My family life…

I’m married to the most mega boy in the world, my world at least, and we live in our own little pad in East London. London isn’t originally “home” for either of us but we’re making it our new home together.

I’m trying, on a semi-regular basis, to convince him we need a friend of the four-legged variety to move in with us but I’m not having much luck… yet.

Although, in April 2016 we did get a friend of the two-legged variety to move in with us in the shape of our daughter, Cecilia.

My blog…

I’d probably describe this place as a lifestyle blog.

I write about a whole load of things depending on what’s going on in my life at the time. From personal posts about the things that happening around me at the time to fantastic finds from my hours of window shopping and the yummy treats I like to make and share with my friends and family.

Find out more…

The thought of anyone reading my little blog is pretty exciting so if you want to drop me a message it’d make my day. You can find me at Laura@lojovstheworld.co.uk

wedding Lojo Vs The World

The business bit…

I am happy to consider sponsored posts as long as they fit in with the theme of my blog. All links in these will be ‘no follow’. If you would like me to write a sponsored post for you, please email me and we can discuss rates.

I will from time to time review products that have been gifted to me. I promise all my reviews are 100% truthful whether I have paid for the item or not. From now on (25.09.2013), any complimentary item I have received will be marked with a *.

I love sharing things with my readers and would like to host giveaways on my blog. If you are interested please contact me at laura@lojovstheworld.co.uk Please ensure that you can post the prize yourself promptly. Entrants will always be asked to subscribe or follow Lojo Vs The World in some way, I am happy to discuss your conditions too, whether that be commenting with a favourite product from your site or following your social media sites. Your giveaway will tweeted about at least twice and promoted on Facebook. Winners will be picked at random and announced on Lojo Vs The World.

I'm Lojo, Laura or Mother Ruin depending on how you know me. I'm a 30-something, mum of two girls, from Liverpool living in London. I write about the things that interest me which usually involves food, travel, having fun and gin!

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