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Tom’s sister went on holiday to Thailand just before Christmas (jealous me? noooo! Yes, very!) and since she came back she has been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. So much so that she is returning to Thailand for a month in a couple of weeks and then jetting off to the States for the summer. So, when I saw these personalised world maps* by Maps International I thought that they would make an excellent present for her.

Travel present personalised world map

There are lots of different styles of map to choose from and space for personalisation at the bottom. As well as it looking pretty on the wall and (hopefully) inspiring Faye to pack her bags and see more of the world it is actually pinboard mounted and came with a pack of pins and tags so she can mark on it all her travel memories and future travel plans. Maybe I should get her a set of different colour pins and tags to differentiate between where she’s been and where she’s going?

personalised travel gift

There’s lots of space for her to add her tags to places too because the map is huge. I think it’s A1 size and it comes framed in black or white so is all ready to hang once it arrives.

These maps are just lovely. They feel lovely and sturdy and have a really high quality finish. They are a perfect gift for any travel fan and I know that Faye loves hers and can’t wait to get it up and the wall and start pinning tags to it. I only wish we had enough travel plans to warrant getting one for our flat.



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