100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 1)

Gerry-Leanne at Floral and Freckled has recently made a very welcome return to blogging. I’ve missed seeing her posts in my Bloglovin‘ feed and one in particular caught my eye a  couple of weeks ago – 100 Things That Make Me Happy (part 1). I’ve been thinking about it since and I wasn’t sure I could think of 100 things that make me happy. Then I realised, I don’t have to think of 100 things right off the bat. I could do it in parts like she did. It also ties in nicely with my return to #100HappyDays on Instagram.

So, here I go. Part 1 of 100 things that make me happy.


Do More Of What Makes You Happy

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 1. Tom – Let’s get the soppiness out-of-the-way early. Tom makes me happy. The way he looks after me when I having a rubbish day, the way he picks on me when we get the tube to work together and the way he goes along with whatever crazy idea I’ve decided to become hooked on. He a bit bloody ace.

2. Sunny days – Despite the fact that summer is now here and I don’t have to wear my coat to go out anymore I still dress like it’s Winter. I am currently wearing all black complete with a long black cardi. I think my spirit animal is a teenage goth. Even though I’m never appropriately dressed I love a sunny day. It just cheers me right up feeling the warm sun on my face. It does make me miss having a garden though.

3. Getting to the bus stop or train platform at the right time – That moment when you realise you don’t actually have to wait and you timed your arrival perfectly. Those even more rare moments when all your connections line up perfectly and you go from bus to tube to train seamlessly without any waiting. You feel like some sort of psychic superhero. It’s incredible.

4. Long journeys – Staying on a travel theme, I love being a passenger on long journeys. When there’s time to relax, stare out the window, read and even do a bit of cross-stitch it’s brilliant. If you get the soundtrack right you can even feel like you’re in a film…. or is that just me?

5. Those magical days when you look in the mirror and think “oh, I’m looking quite good” – When your hair falls in just right and your make up – or lack of – makes you look alive, you feel like you can take on the world on those days. Sadly, they don’t happen all that often but when they do, watch out world!

6. Random songs – There are a lot of songs that evoke many happy memories but when they pop up out of the blue they’re brilliant. The most recent example of this was when I was driving back to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago. I was flicking through the radio stations and came to Heart. Dear Darling by Olly Murs was the very first song they played as I turned it on and I started laughing. Yes, I know it’s not a particularly happy song but it’s an ongoing joke between Tom and I that this is all they ever play.

7. Bubble baths – I love nothing more than lazing in a lovely, warm bubble bath. Radio on, magazine in hand and I can lie there for ages. I always feel so relaxed after a long soak.

8. A cup of tea first thing in the morning – Nothing beats that very first cup of tea to set you up for the day.

9. Giving presents – I like to spend a lot of time picking out presents for people and I get so excited when I know that I’ve bought them something they’ll love. In fact I’m a bit stressed out over presents at the moment. I have two thank you gifts to buy and I really don’t know what to get. I need some inspiration.

10. Cheese – I love food but in particular I love cheese. I think that adequately explains my wobbly middle section. Cheese makes so many (if not all) food stuffs better and I’m sure I could find you a cheesy accompaniment to brighten up every situation!

I won’t go on or this post will be ridiculously long but what do you think?  Do you even want to know what the other 90 things that make me happy are? What makes you happy?



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