A Cup Of Tea Makes Everything Better

It’s absolutely no secret that I love a cup of tea. I can quite easily drink at least 6 or 8 cups of tea a day. Most of these are in work but when I have time there’s nothing I enjoy more than settling down with a book or magazine and a nice pot of tea. I have a really lovely Cath Kidston teapot that Tom’s sister, Faye bought me for Christmas, but recently I have been on the look out for an entire tea set. I’m pretty sure you can never have too much tea paraphernalia.

Image by Neil Slorance c/o The Tea Appreciation Society

Image by Neil Slorance c/o The Tea Appreciation Society

What with it (supposedly) getting warmer and Summer just being around the corner (I hope) I want to add some colour into my life in every way I can.

So, when I stumbled across this sugary sweet set from Mollie and Fred I just had to share it with you.

Enchante Afternoon Tea Gift Set. £44.99

Enchante Afternoon Tea Gift Set. £44.99

Isn’t it dreamy? The floral pattern and sugary sweet colour palette make it so girly and pretty. I don’t even take sugar in my tea but I want that little bowl full of sugar cubes.


Enchante Cup & Saucer Gift Set. £39.99

Enchante Cup & Saucer Gift Set. £39.99

These gorgeous tea cups match the tea set and add even more colour to the table. As pretty as they are, the only thing I’m not a big fan of with tea cups is the measly amount of tea they hold. Two mouthfuls and it’s all gone!

Enchante Set of 4 China Mugs. £24.99

Enchante Set of 4 China Mugs. £24.99

I think that’s why I prefer these matching china mugs. You can fit much more lovely tea in these.

Enchante China Cake Stand. £27.99

Enchante China Cake Stand. £27.99

There’s nothing better than a lovely sweet treat with your cup of tea and with the matching cake stand it’d be rude not to surely?

Enchante Set of 4 China Plates. £24.99

Enchante Set of 4 China Plates. £24.99

And I wouldn’t want you to get any crumbs on yourself so I could whip out this lovely set of plates too.

How lovely is this? I want it all…. especially the plates.

Have you seen any other dreamy tea sets I can swoon over?



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  1. Cate Elise says:

    Oh my goodness this is so gorgeous. I spend hours in Cath Kidston staring at their tea sets. It’s true – everything is better with a cup of tea x

    The perks of being a hipster

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