A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but how many words does it speak when the picture is made of words?

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at home stuff on the internet and admiring other people’s living spaces on one of the many blogs I pour over on a daily basis. The thing I always find myself lusting after the most is all the little touches people add to their homes. The art the hang on the walls, the knickknacks they choose to display, the things that make that space specifically “theirs”. When I’m looking for things for our flat I keep finding myself draw to typography, text and anything to do with letters.

Poster from davegamache.com

Poster from davegamache.com

I’m obsessed with typography and I want to cover everything in our flat with it. If I actually bought everything I saw that I fell in love with, not only would I be completely skint we also wouldn’t have any wall space left either.

So, when I discovered the wonderful world of Lily And Lime my purse quaked and my cards squealed, they knew they could be in for a battering. So just to put them at ease I decided just to do a little window shopping to pick the items I really loved the most before I go on a spending spree.

The first thing that got me all a fluster was these gorgeous quotation prints.

A3 Dreams Print. £15.

A3 Dreams Print. £15.

How lovely is this?

There are three other quotes that you can get as a print like this too but I think this is my favourite. Not only does it look beautiful what a fantastic affirmation to read every morning when you get up. It would look fabulous in the bedroom or on the wall of a home office. If you’re a freelancer or starting your own business I think seeing this every day would remind you to keep pushing forward and chasing your dreams.

I love things that are made from pages of vintage books so this ticked all sorts of boxes for me.

Vintage French Wall Art. £20.50.

Vintage French Wall Art. £20.50.

The page is from an old French dictionary and makes this gorgeously simple print, something really special. A part of me feels like this print should feel a bit sad because it’s all rainy but the cute cloud in the corner cheers it right up.

They don’t just sell awesome prints and artwork though. This scarf is pretty awesome too!

White Bicycle Scarf. £13.50

White Bicycle Scarf. £13.50

The vintage bicycle print on this scarf is simple yet gorgeous. They also do it in navy with a white print and grey with a blue print but the white is my favourite, especially for the summer months. I love having a cotton scarf in my bag to throw on over an outfit and keep the chill off me in the evenings.

So there you have it, Lily and Lime, what do you think? Is there anywhere else I can find some typographic gems?



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