A Quick Day Date At The Breakfast Club

A couple of Saturdays ago, Tom and I had planned to go for a bit of skating practice. His sister was coming around to look after Cece for a couple of hours. When Faye arrived, we packed up our kit and headed off to the car. When we were sitting there though, a brainwave hit me. We needed to make better use of our baby-free time. So, I asked Tom out on a quick day date.

the breakfast club cups

Just the two of us

We don’t get to spend much time, just the two of us really. Which is one of the main reasons I put six dates in my 35 before 35 list. Six isn’t a lot but it feels absolutely insurmountable sometimes. Especially considering we’ve made it to March before we’ve even managed one!

As it was very much a spur of the moment thing we didn’t actually have any ideas as to where we were going to go or how we were going to spend our time. So, we decided to follow our bellies and go for brunch. Another problem with not actually having a plan meant we couldn’t decide where to eat. We went with the easy solution – head to Westfield.

the breakfast club

The Hackney Riviera

On the journey, I spotted a sign for Here East and got Tom to swing an unexpected right. After a bit of a struggle to find a car parking spot we wandered down to the canal. I can imagine it being super nice down there on a sunny day. Definitely, one to remember for the summer (if we ever get one!)

The Breakfast Club was an easy choice once we got down there. It’s a firm favourite of both of ours and although we’d never been to the Hackney branch we knew it was going to be good.

To The Food

I went for the veggie All American. That’s pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, mushrooms, fried potatoes and maple syrup. I promise you now that it was the best vegetarian sausage I’ve ever had. It was so tasty. I’m keen to go back just for that.

the breakfast club all american

Tom, in his never-ending search for the best variation of eggs benedict, went for pulled pork benedict. Pulled pork, beer cheese and poached eggs on green chilli and cheddar waffles. It was one of his favourites so far.

the breakfast club pulled pork benedict

And we’re done

We didn’t hang around after finishing our food but an hour or so of daft chat, people watching and not having to keep one eye on a constantly moving target really meant a lot. Well, to me anyway. It was nice.

I love The Breakfast Club. So far I’ve been to four of their locations. Maybe I should add to next years list to tick the other few off!

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