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This might sound a bit odd but I’ve really been trying to ignore that fact that I’m having a baby until after Christmas. Well, not ignore it, obviously, but I decided quite early on just to wait before I started buying anything for it. I guess part of me was/is nervous about it all and I didn’t want to jinx it by going on an early spending spree. Then, once I sort of started to relax into my pregnancy we were so close to Christmas I thought it would be best to wait until afterwards before I settled properly into planning and nesting mode. There’s plenty of time between Christmas and April, right?

That definitely doesn’t mean that I haven’t been window shopping though and I thought I’d share a few of the super cute bits that I spied from George at Asda that took my fancy.

 1. 4 piece Disney Roo and Friends set – £8

I’m not a huge fan of character clothing really but I thought this set was adorable. I think it’s the colour I was drawn to first. I wear a lot of grey myself and keep finding myself draw to grey things for the baby. It’s that star print sleepsuit and matching hat with the tiny ears that I’m in love with.

2. Little star baby set – £6

As well as grey I have a bit of a thing for stars so was drawn to this set for those two reasons. Also, that hat has the word cute on the front in the teeniest, tiniest letters and that makes me want it more!

3. Bear sleepsuit and hat set – £6

The little rosy cheeks and bow tie on this bear completely sold me on this one. Plus, that hat has ears. In fact, I’ve just noticed, so does the little bear on the front! Amazing.

4. 7 pack panda print bodysuits – £7.50

As you may have noticed looking at the image I put together above, I fell a little bit in love with this panda print. I mean how could you not? Look at that little face! The panda (and, you know, hopefully the baby too) is cute, adorable and loves bear hugs!

5. 3 pack panda sleepsuits – £7

These three sleep suits match the bodysuits perfectly and my favourite of the prints made it to this set too. I really love that one with the writing on – maybe that’s the copywriter in me manifesting itself in my chosen baby clothes?!

6. 3 pack panda print burp cloths – £3.50

I just got a bit over excited when I saw they did matching burp cloths with the pandas face on too. I can’t even explain why I’m so obsessed with it, I just love it!

7. 3 pack dinosaur sleepsuits – £7

All of the items in this wish list I found in the unisex section of the George website, except this one. We have chosen to not find out if we’re having a boy or a girl but that doesn’t stop me wanting these dinosaur sleepsuits. They may have been tucked away in the boys section but girls can like dinosaurs too and I’d be happy to dress my little girl in these. I think the one with the all over dinosaur print is my favourite but I do love the cheeky dino on the blue one.

8. Knitted bear hat and mittens set – £4

I just can’t help myself when it comes to hats with ears on. Here’s another one. I adore it. Also, look at the mini mittens that match it. I’m kind of sad they don’t make this in grown up size because I’d definitely wear this set in the cold (and the not so cold to be fair!)

9. 3 pack assorted muslin squares – £3.50

Muslin squares are one of those necessities that can get overlooked in the pretty stakes. Yes, I understand that they are super useful for like a million and twelve reasons but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, right? I was drawn to the stars on this set again. Such a simple print but so nice.

I was really surprised by the range at George. I think because I’d only been window shopping I’d only been looking at the likes of Mamas and Papas and Mothercare but some of these are far cuter and nicer than the things I’d looked at elsewhere. I’m actually looking forward to getting myself to a store so I can have a proper look and a bit of a spend for some more bits for baby.



 *This was a collaborative post with George At Asda – all words are my own. As always if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t write about it.*


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