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I discovered a gaping hole in my film watching history a little while ago – I’d never seen Pitch Perfect. I know right?! It’s a shocking misdemeanour on my part. I have seen Pitch Perfect 2 though but for some indescribable reason the first film flew straight past me. I’m not even sure how I managed to miss it. It’s not like I didn’t see the hype and it’s definitely right up my street. Anyway, that’s not important now because I fixed it and I fixed it in style! I’ll get my apologies in now for the awful photography the light wasn’t exactly ideal for snaps but perfect for the atmosphere.

Steph and I swapped our trainers for flip flops and hit Miami Beach. Well, as close to Miami Beach as we’ll get in South London anyway. Backyard Cinema has set up camp in Mercato Metropolitano for the summer and is ready to whisk you away for a couple of hours to the beach of your dreams. Why is it the beach of your dreams I hear you ask! Well:

  1. It’s indoors so you never have to worry about the weather ruining your plans.
  2. There’s a bar that serves awesome cocktails in palm tree sippy cups! I can highly recommend the flaming flamingo (I think that’s what it was called!) The gin one anyway.
  3. The bean bag chairs are so comfortable you could actually fall asleep in them. I’m talking like I wanted to take them home and replace my living room furniture with them comfy.
  4. The soundtrack is killer. It took pretty much all of my willpower to not stand up and perform a full song and dance routine to everyone there.
  5. The line-up of films on offer is awesome. Yep, it’s not just Pitch Perfect.

Five excellent reasons there why I think you need to get yourself down there before the run finishes. There are so many movies to choose from too and it’s not just for the adults. There are loads of daytime shows for the kids too with films like Moana, Sing, Boss Baby, and The Jungle Book. It’s an awesome treat for the summer holidays. If Cece was old enough to sit and watch a film all the way through I’d definitely take her down.

I enjoyed myself so much I’m thinking about going down again soon. One of my absolute all time favourites is on on 9th August – True Romance – so I’m tempted to head to that but there are so many belters on the list that it’s super hard to choose!


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