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Recently, I’ve become a bit of a fan of the old self-help book. I know, right? I have three or four on the go at the moment. Some of them are a little bit hard going. I know that once I get into them I’ll be alright but I’m really struggling at the minute. Well that was until one particular self-help book entered my world and I’ve zoomed through it in a couple of sittings.

Let me introduce you to How I Changed My Life In a Year: One Woman’s Mission To Lose Weight, Get Fit, Beat Her Demons, And Find Happiness …In Twelve Easy Steps!

My new self-help book obsession

 Shelley Wilson was sick of making and breaking New Year’s Resolutions time and time again. So, one year she decided to break it down into twelve monthly resolutions and blog about it. The thinking behind it was, if she only had to concentrate on it for four weeks she was more likely to stick to it than having to try to tackle everything, all at once.

It’s such a simple idea. I can’t believe I’ve never really broken it down like that before. I think that’s what makes this book such an inspiring one. Plus, Shelley’s writing is conversational, easy to read and pretty funny in places.

I 100% recommend this book and I know I’m going to sit down and make myself a twelve month plan. I’m even going to try to start the first one in June because who says your resolutions have to start in January?

Do you have any self-help books to recommend? I’d love to hear if any have particularly helped you.



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  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh goodness, I have NO books to tell you about- I loathe Self help books (sorrry!!!!!) x

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