#BEDM What’s in a name?

I’ve got to that time in my life where people around me are starting families. As exciting as it all is, I’m always fascinated to find out what makes them choose certain names for their children. I love hearing about the inspiration behind people’s names too. For example, when my mum was pregnant she overheard someone say something to a little girl called Laura. The name hadn’t occurred to her before and there and then she decided that’s what she wanted my name to be. On the other hand my dad wanted to name me Jolene, after the Dolly Parton song!

Hello my name is

 Today I was reading Hello Giggles and it gave me the opportunity to find out what my “today” name would be. You put in your name, sex and year you were born and it calculates your name for every decade from the 1890s to today! When I put my details in it told me Laura was the 23rd most popular girl’s name in the year I was born (in the US, the answers would be different if it used UK data). It also means if I was American I may have been called Kristen! As you can see it would be Carolina. I’m a big fan of my 1950s name being Peggy and bizarrely my 2000s name is Mackenzie, which, when I was younger was a name I decided I wanted for my own (fictional, future) daughter!

I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun looking at your alternative names and it’s always good to have a couple up your sleeve in case you require an alias, right? Have a try yourself here and let me know what you get.

Please don’t blame me for the lack of work you get done today though because you can get lost trying out everyone you have ever met in it!



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  1. Kezzie says:

    OOoh, how cool is that! I tried clicking but the screen went weird so I will have to try later!x

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