The Cake And Bake Show

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some but it certainly wasn’t for me as I had the absolute time of my life at The Cake And Bake Show! Tom and I took the day off work and trotted off to Earl’s Court to start our sugar high and I have to admit it wasn’t just Friday that was sugar filled but the entire weekend. We just had so much foody goodness to bring home that we didn’t stop eating for days!


I’ll be honest I was like a kid in a cake shop (no pun intended) all day. I was so excited and I kind of expected Tom only to be half interested in what was going on. How wrong was I? He was equally excited and when we got home all we could talk about (between shovelling fistfuls of food into our faces) was what a brilliant day we’d had. In fact we wanted to go bake for the other two days. We didn’t but we definitely are planning our trip to The Cake And Bake Show Manchester next year already!

There were so many great vendors selling everything you could possibly think of a caking and baking variety. In fact, there are a few that I really loved that I’m going to do a whole other post on in a few days. Although we did spot Luisa Zissman from The Apprentice selling her wares and her bakers toolkit as seen on the show.

Luisa Zissman Bakers ToolkitWe stopped by The Cake Kitchen to see the rather lovely Simon Rimmer demonstrate a handful of recipes. My favourite was definitely his beer cookies with bacon cream though. They sounded amazing and I’m totally obsessed with the salt and sweet combinations that have become particularly popular recently. On a side note, while I’m speaking of sweet and salt, Devilishly Good Brownies Vanilla Salt Brownie is absolutely bloody delicious and I’m gutted I only had one!

Simon Rimmer In The Cake Kitchen

 We also headed over to The Bakery where those cheeky Fabulous Baker Brothers scamps made pitta bread and smoked mackerel. These two were probably the most entertaining pair I’ve ever seen. Everything that Tom and I love about Tom and Henry Herbert on their TV shows is there by the bucket load when you see these boys in the flesh and now all I think about is heading off to Hobbs House Bakery to get a baking and butchery course in with them!

Fabulous Baker Brothers

We also caught Cat Dresser take on James Morton in the Sainsbury’s competition kitchen. I have plenty of photos of my big old cheesy grin with all these bakers too but I didn’t think you’d want to see them.

Anyway, as well as all the excellent demos there were some absolutely stunning creations on show. The Stork cake catwalk showcased some brilliant fashion themed cakes.

Aggy Daden 50s Inspired Cake

Aggy Daden 50s Inspired Cake

Nicky Gunn Pin Up Inspired Cake

Nicky Gunn Pin Up Inspired Cake

Speaking of pin-up inspired cakes the rather fabulous Charlotte White of Restoration Cake was on hand with one of the most fabulous dessert table offerings. Sadly, I never managed to make it to any of her classroom presentations but I can tell you I’m dying to get my hands on her Burlesque Baking book. February can’t come quick enough.

Charlotte White and her Restoration Cake Table

Another thing that Tom and I were particularly interested in at The Cake And Bake Show was the wedding cake of the future. With not having planned our own wedding cake yet and having a bake-off at our wedding maybe this can spark a few ideas.

Graffiti Wedding Cake

I can’t find who it was that made this graffiti inspired wedding cake and it makes me sad. Sorry!

Brighton Helter Skelter Wedding Cake

This was another cake I couldn’t find credit for but how ace is this Brighton Helter Skelter Wedding Cake?

Out Of This World Wedding Cake

I think this is from Jess Hill cakes. This was Tom’s favourite anyway.

Out of this world cake topper

Look how cute the top of that cake is!

There is so much more I could share with you from the day but then this post would be even more ridiculously long than it already is. I mean if you’ve got this far already, well done you! Also, thank you very much for keeping reading!

I couldn’t round this post off without showing you this spectacular cakey creation of Her Majesty and her favourite pup.

Queen and Corgi Cake

Cake sculpture by Michelle Sugar Art

How incredible?

Did any of you go to The Cake And Bake Show? What did you think of it? Have you done any baking of your own recently? Let me know all about it in the comments.





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  1. Beka says:

    how fun!!! Those cupcakes look delicious!

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