Community Festival, Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park isn’t one that I venture to very often but the lure of a one-day festival and a heap of North West based talent on the line up drew me in and I was really pleased I made the trip over to get there. Community Festival was my first and, so far, only foray into festival life this summer. Here’s hoping it’s not my last too.

Despite it starting as a pretty grey day the weather soon warmed up and the clouds parted to reveal a blue sky. A perfect day to be lazing in the park listening to music.

Nothing But Thieves soundtracked our arrival and we danced our way across the park. These are a band I’ve been following for a while now and I’m loving seeing them go from strength to strength. They are so good live, I would encourage anyone to make the effort to see them if the opportunity presents itself.

After a little relax and drink in the sun we strolled up to the N4 Stage to see Liverpool lovelies Clean Cut Kid headline. I love CCK, their onstage chat is funny and uplifting and their songs are anthems in the making. Plus it helps that their accents make me feel fuzzy inside. Hearing a proper scouse accent in the middle of London once in a while does good things to my heart. It staves off the homesickness for a little longer as all of a sudden it doesn’t seem that far away.

The N4 Stage - Community Festival

Following the Liverpudlian theme we then hit the Main Stage to see The Wombats. It’s been a while since I last saw these and they’ve just got better and better. Their back catalogue is stuffed with tunes guaranteed to get you bopping along and in the sunshine with a beer in hand I could have sworn that’s exactly what they were written for.

Catfish And The Bottlemen rounded off the festival nicely with their singalong set. I’ve never seen Catfish live before and only considered myself a fan in passing. I was surprised at how many of their songs I knew and liked without even realising it was them! So I’m now in the process of upgrading myself to an actual real life fan and having a good listen to their stuff.

Community Festival says it celebrates all that’s good in new music and I can definitely see that with their bookings. All of the bands I saw were incredible and left me wanting more. Also, the atmosphere in the park that day was so nice. It was chilled and friendly and that definitely makes a big difference at a festival. I would say the only disappointment was that it ended so early! It wasn’t even dark by the time the big switch had been flicked to off. For a festival that was a bit of an odd feeling, although I suppose that’s one of the downfalls of live music in a residential area.

I sincerely hope Community makes a return next year.


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