Déjà Brew: The Hangover Escape Room

*I was invited to The Grand Expedition for review purposes through Love Pop Ups London. As always though, all thoughts and words are my own.

Last week I was given the chance to try out London’s naughtiest escape room – Deja Brew: The Hangover by that cheeky little lot at AIM Escape.

It’s the morning of the wedding and you find yourself in a dishevelled (to say the least) hotel room. The party last night was wild, but now the groom is nowhere to be found. Can you piece together the night from the clues strewn around the room? Will you find the groom? Will the wedding still go ahead?

I’ve tried one of AIM’s escape rooms before and was pleased with the variety of puzzles they had to solve. So I’m pleased to say that this, strictly over 18s, escape room lived up to the high expectations I have set by them. It does have some very cheeky puzzles in and I’d say it’s not one for the faint of heart or easily offended but it really is lots of fun.

This room is advertised as a medium level escape room. I was surprised at how difficult it was based on that. We managed to complete the room in just over 49 minutes and a couple of the puzzles left us kicking ourselves at how long it had taken us to work out. Maybe that’s just because it was the first one of the year and I hadn’t worked the old grey matter in this way for a while.

As much fun as this escape room was, I have to admit I found the conclusion a bit underwhelming. I think because it had been so good up to then it just seemed to tail off. Personally, I don’t even think I realised that, that was it. That was a little bit disappointing. However, I’d still highly recommend it. Giggles were had by all.

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