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Last week, after work, when all I really wanted to do was go home and lie down, I didn’t. Instead, I hopped on the bus to Aldgate and met up with some of the lovely Love Pop Ups London crew to try a brand new room at Omescape. Not just any old room either, this was a VR escape room.


I’ve been to this branch of Omescape before when we tackled the Kingdom of Cats. I was impressed then so my expectations were set pretty high right from the off.

The four of us were led into a big empty room with two squares marked out on the floor. Although the four of us would be in the game together we were split into two playing areas so we didn’t crash into each other all the time. We kitted up and off we went into the future.

Huxley escape room me

It’s the year 3007 and the world as we know it has gone forever. Mankind has been replaced by machines and we are left with one last mission. Can we help and save Huxley? We’ve only got 44 minutes to try and find out.

The VR was really impressive and completely submersive. We were moved around by lifts at one point and I could have sworn that I was genuinely moving. I think it’s brilliant when VR sucks you in that much. That’s when it really works.

Huxley escape room action shot

As for the escape room aspect, it was a little on the easy side. The challenges were relatively quick to work out and although that would normally be a down point, the whole experience of this room more than made up for it.

I really enjoyed it and was so, so glad that I got a chance to give it a try. I mean, we all know that I love an escape room and that I’m a bit of a sucker for VR these days. I think, though, that means the bar was really high to start with. So, I’m glad that Omescape managed to go above and beyond my expectations with a really fun experience.

*I was invited to try out Huxley for review purposes along with Love Pop Ups London. As always though, all thoughts and words are my own.

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