Get Your Dabbers Out – Review: Players

*I was invited to Players for food, drinks and a night of bingo for review purposes. Although my meal and bingo were gifted, all thoughts and words are my own.

I have worked in the gaming industry, primarily online bingo, for something like five years now and up until I went to Players I’d never had an evening out playing bingo! In fact, apart from a school fundraising night about twenty years ago, I don’t think I’d ever played bingo! Ridiculous, right?

Well, I corrected this a few weeks back when I visited Players in Camden and what a night I had.

Starting with cocktails (of the non-alcoholic variety for me) with quirky, tongue in cheek names like the Blue Rinse and a DJ blasting out singalong, dance along, feel good tunes the party atmosphere was set from the beginning. It certainly helps that the bar is pretty Instagramable and has its own selfie wall! Plus, if you want to earn your bingo wings and get stuck into some grub while you play, there is a monthly rotating offering from some of the trendiest, tastiest pop-up restaurants.

Moving from the bar into the hall and the party just keeps on going. With a live band, sparkly caller and Brenda the old-school ball machine this isn’t your granny’s average night at the bingo. Especially as there’s not just money up for grabs but every full house comes with a magnificent prize. These change depending on when you go but on my night there was a fridge, a drone and an inflatable canoe complete with all the safety gear needed to set sail immediately!

Your bingo book and dabber are included in the ticket price and with loads of cash prizes to be won, you could be covering your spends in no time. As well as traditional paper book bingo there’s a chance to speak to the bingo gods and play techno bingo. This uses the board on your table and there’s only one full house prize of £20. Even if you miss a number, the bingo gods know if you’ve won – that’s what happened to me. I thought I was one number away when in fact I was a winner and the bingo gods announced my table number to let me know! I was heavily pregnant, I’m blaming baby brain!

For my first foray into bingo in real life, I had an absolute blast and it was a brilliant bonus that I walked away with £20 winnings too. Now that I’ve had the baby I’m keen to go back and sample those cocktails for myself!

Tucked away around the corner and at the back of the Mecca Bingo Hall in Camden, Players is a great night out. Tickets are £12 and they’re open every Thursday and Saturday from 7pm.

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