Gift Idea: Photo Magnets

I’ve been pretty obsessed with photos recently and, rather vainly, photos of myself. Not just any old photos mind, I do mean our wedding snaps. So, when PicStick asked me if I wanted to try out creating some photo magnets* I jumped at the chance.

My mum has a big thing for magnets, she has magnets from all sorts of places she’s been, magnetic photo frames and a variety of novelty ones so what better Christmas stocking filler than a couple of photo magnets from the greatest day of her life! (This may only be my opinion but I’m sure she wouldn’t disagree – much!)

PicStick photo magnets

The process of creating the magnets is super easy. The hardest bit was picking just nine photos to use. Each of the photo magnets is 50 x 65mm and 0.75mm thick so they are comfortingly heavyweight and not flimsy and cheap looking.

photo magnets from PicStick

I took a couple of close up pics to try to show you the quality of the printing and, to be honest, I think the blurriness of this is down to my photography skills not the quality of the photo magnets.

wedding photo magnets

My only actual issue with the magnets was that I got a little bit worried when I was trying to separate them. They are scored so they are ready to be parted but I felt like I might rip them if I was too rough or rushed while I was working on separating them. Once I figured out that it worked better if you fold them down the scored lines and work them a little bit that way before pulling them apart it was all good. The edges aren’t rough once they’re separated which I thought they might be. They’re perfectly finished all the way around.

So, if you fancy getting yourself some photo magnets PicStick have given me a juicy 25% off code to share with you all. Simply use the code: WORLD25 at the checkout for your discount.

Let me know if you do get some and what photos you use. I’d love to see.



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  1. What a gorgeous idea! Love these Lojo.

    Jegz xo

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