The Gingerline Faculty Of Eatucation

I’ve often looked at Gingerline experiences and wanted to go but have never actually gotten round to it. The story of my life!

faculty of eatucation

So, when the Faculty of Eatucation returned for a Summer School season I was pretty excited. I know right, who’d ever have thought I’d be excited to return to school?

faculty of eatucation workbooks

Our seats were already assigned when we arrived and all the tables were named after types of potato. We were on the Desiree table along with eight other excited students.

faculty of eatucation tables

We had a full timetable and when class was in session it was important to listen. The high-tech gadgetry they have available now is so beyond what I had in school. From growing meals in Petri dishes to using brain power to work ovens. It was more than I could ever imagine.

faculty of eatucation

With the ability to earn house points at every turn, the prefect in me soon showed herself. Throwing out answers with pure abandon. We did well and placed a solid second out of seven tables.

faculty of eatucation

The department of barmaceuticals is definitely something I could get involved with. I feel like this is a career avenue I’d have loved to pursue if it was offered to me in university. Although, come to think of it, unofficially I probably did! Anyway, here they had a huge selection of gins that I never quite made my way through but I’ll definitely be back to finish them off.

faculty of eatucation

All in all the food was great, the gin was plentiful and the night was a lot of fun. If you’re willing to throw yourself in wholeheartedly, you’ll get so much more out of a night with The Gingerline crew than if you just want to sit passively and watch it all go on.

faculty of eatucation

I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and get involved. I promise it’ll be a lot of fun.

faculty of eatucation

*I was invited to The Faculty of Eatucation for review purposes along with Love Pop Ups London. As always though, all thoughts and words are my own.

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