Go Away I’m Busy

Following on from my tea loving yesterday… I promise I won’t keep banging on about tea for much longer… for a while anyway. I do really love the stuff. Anyway, I’ve found a new mug that I want.

Go Away Print By Sylvia Cook Photography

Go Away Print By Sylvia Cook Photography

These mugs speak volumes and I’m already struggling to choose between two!

The Literary Gift Company has come through again and provided a range of mugs that say everything for you. There are nine different things you could be doing to choose from; from thinking to tweeting and for those overworked teachers – marking.

Personally, I want this one for home.

Go Away I'm Blogging Mug. £9.95

Go Away I’m Blogging Mug. £9.95

And this one for work…

Go Away I'm Editing Mug. £9.95

Go Away I’m Editing Mug. £9.95

What would you choose?




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