Going Back In Time To See Dinosaurs In The Wild

I’ve always had a fascination with dinosaurs. They’re crazy, aren’t they? Cece has started to get into dinosaurs now too, with no persuasion from me or Tom. It just happens to be a family love for the prehistoric. She plays with them a lot at nursery and pretty much always chooses them on clothes if she’s given the option.
Dinosaurs In The Wild

I’m not going to lie, one of my favourite things about Jurassic Park is Jeff Goldbum. But, even without him I think it would still be up there in my top films. I just love dinosaurs. I think I’m fascinated by them because part of me is amazed that they were actually real. I mean, look at them. They look like a work of pure fantasy. How did these majestic creatures even exist?

Triceratops at Dinosaurs In The Wild

In order to find out, last Saturday I travelled back in time about 67 million years or so. Those clever bods at Chronotex took me and the other Love Pop Ups London crew to TimeBase 67 in the Late Cretaceous Period. As much as I was worried I might feel a bit travel sick, the time travelling was actually quite smooth and TimeBase 67 is huge.

Time Travel at Dinosaurs In The Wild

The tour through the time base took us through the research labs and saw us watch part of a dinosaur autopsy. We made our way through the incubation area and even met a cute, fluffy, baby Dakotaraptor. We were lead around the sections by our knowledgeable guide, Matt but there were specialist Chrononauts in some sections that gave us extra insight.

dinosaur autopsy at Dinosaurs in the wild

dinosaur heart

baby dakotaraptorSoon, it was time to take a lift up to the lookout.  From there we could see all around the Timebase. Through the four big windows, we could see displays from all sorts of dinosaurs. It was fascinating to watch and more than a little emotional at times! I may have got a little choked up at one point. That was until there was a *little bit* of a situation. But it was fine in the end. We may have had to take an alternative route back to the present but we made it and I’m here to tell the tale.

Triceratops at the look out

dinosaurs in the wild

Dinosaurs In The Wild* was a brilliant experience. Akin to something you’d find at Disney or Universal Studios. It went far above and beyond my expectations. I’d expected some animatronic dinosaurs and a bit of a tour but this was 70 minutes of absolute wonderment.


The team have worked with leading palaeontologists to ensure that all the information they give is the most up to date, real information that is available. Also, you may notice some of the dinosaurs are a little more extravagant looking than you expect. This is also due to them basing it on the most current information they’ve discovered.

If you’re a dinosaur lover I’d highly recommend taking a trip to see Dinosaurs In The Wild. Tickets are available now and it’s sticking around until September. It’s great fun for the whole family but be aware that there are some moments of peril and younger children may get upset.

*I was invited to Dinosaurs In The Wild with Love Pop Up London for review purposes. All words, thoughts and money spent in the gift shop are my own!

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