Goodbye July

It feels like ages and ages ago since I last wrote one of these posts but looking back it definitely was June. I normally complain that the months are flying by at the beginning of these round-up posts but for once I’m not. July seemed to take its own sweet time and I kind of liked it. I hope August is a long one too.

July Round Up

Making: lists. I’ve got quite a lot going on this month so I’m try to make sure I’ve got everything sorted.

Cooking: Lots of pasta. I’m a bit obsessed with pesto at the moment so much so that I covered the inside of the picnic loaf with it that we made the other day.

Drinking: Still trying to drink lots of water. Some days are better than others. I’ve also started drinking Bootea again. Trying to have a bit of a detox before I go on holiday.

Reading: I’ve not long started Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I love it. I still haven’t finished Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter either. I’m determined to have these both finished by the end of July!

Wanting: to have a massive clear out. I still haven’t had a chance to do this. I might start with our bedroom this weekend actually. Wish me luck.

Looking: forward to all of the exciting things happening the rest of the year.

Playing: the will Laura be able to stand up properly today game. I really need to get a massage and ease up some muscles.

Deciding: what I need to pack for all of the trips I’m taking soon.

Wishing: that I could move house.

Enjoying: getting fitter.

Waiting: to start looking the way I want.

Liking: that I’m not in work much between now and the middle of September.

Wondering: if Tom is going to enjoy crossfit.

Loving: that we have a chilled out weekend planned.

Pondering: everything. I’m always pondering something.

Considering: where to begin with the big clear out.

Watching: Teen Moms OG. I have them Sky+d and I keep binge watching them.

Hoping: that I can start to see some differences soon.

Marvelling: at my gorgeous best friend and the baby in her belly.

Needing: to win the lottery. Just so we can move house to somewhere swanky. Ha.

Smelling: of Paul Smith Rose. I’m still working through the stockpile of perfumes I have.

Wearing: all of the black. I tried colour but I’ve gone back to the dark side where I belong. 

Noticing: that a lot seems to be happening all at once now.

Knowing: that things are going in the right direction.

Thinking: about what I might have forgotten from the supermarket shop that is arriving later today.

Admiring: my little lad, HB.

Sorting: out everything we need for our holiday.

Buying: a super warm sleeping bag and a new black hoodie.

Getting: stronger and fitter.

Bookmarking: all of the gorgeous home things that we can’t afford or fit into the flat.

Disliking: our landlord.

Giggling: at lots of things.

Feeling: broody. I’m living vicariously through Hannah at the minute.

Snacking: on Neal’s Yard sweet and spicy megamix. I adore it.

Coveting: about six different pairs of boots.

Wishing: that I could make things happen quicker than they are.

Hearing: The Last Podcast On The Left. Hannah suggested it a while ago and I’m really enjoying it. Why are serial killers so interesting?

July, you are out of here. August, come at me.



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