Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed me stuffing my face full of burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe a couple of weeks ago. There was plenty of excessive mouth opening on my Instagram stories (not full of food, I might add) but what an excellent way to spend a Tuesday night!

It was good to see the Hard Rock have decided to acknowledge my prowess in burger eating and invited me down to check out the four new additions to their World Burger Tour menu.

Now not only were there four new burgers to try and a good couple of beers to quaff there was also a professional competitive eater there. She was challenged with eating all four of the new burgers in the shortest amount of time possible. I thought it would take her about 25 minutes but she ploughed through them in much less time than that. She did film it but hasn’t yet appeared to have uploaded it but you can check out her other challenges here.

They have added four brand new, limited edition burgers to their menu from Hard Rock kitchens around the globe. The four newbies to the burger tour menu are…

  1. The Colombian Plantain Burger from Cartagena, Colombia. It is the usual, incredible Hard Rock beef burger topped with caramelised onions, garlic aioli, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese, spiked with molasses and finished with fried plantains. Now, I’d never tried plantain before so I was a little apprehensive but it was really good. Plantain isn’t nearly as sweet as I thought it was going to be and all of the flavours meshed well together.

2. The Jambalaya Burger from New Orleans, USA. This one was topped with Cajun mayo, pickles, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese and a jambalaya rice cake. I was a little disappointed with this one as I expected all of those flavours to explode in my mouth. I thought there would be a good punch of heat too but it was really mild. That rice cake though was so good, I wish they did that on its own on the menu. Three of them on the menu as a starter and I’d be happy.

3. The Kimchi Burger from Seoul, South Korea. The burger was topped with spicy kimchi, bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and spicy mayo. That’s two mentions of the word spicy in the description so my taste buds were tingling with anticipation but sadly this one fell a little bit flat too. I’m not a huge lover of kimchi at the best of times but I left it on the burger because I wanted to give it a try as a whole. In the end, though, it just tasted a bit bland.

4. The English Breakfast Burger from London, England. A juicy beef burger topped with breakfast sausage, sliced ham, rocket, grilled portobello mushroom, fresh tomato and a fresh-cracked egg. This was by far my favourite of the night. The egg wasn’t too runny that it coated my hands and the mushroom, ham and sausage were full of flavour.

I kind of felt a bit disappointed in myself that the English Breakfast Burger was my favourite and that something a bit more “exotic” didn’t tickle my fancy but it was so good that I’m currently trying to plan a trip back to the Hard Rock to have it in its full size and hopefully, I’ll get to go back soon to try the next round of World Tour additions!



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