Hi There 2018

Happy new year! Yeah, I know we’re three and a bit weeks in but I just haven’t felt quite ready to embrace that new year feeling yet. I don’t know what it’s been, I don’t know why I didn’t feel ready. I just sort of started 2018 in a bit of a fog.

Like in my head I know I should have embraced it, especially as the year started on a Monday. I really enjoyed that. But I just couldn’t seem to get the rest of me geared up to feel the way I know I should.

New year, new me?

I’ve always enjoyed turning over a new leaf and having a brand new year stretched out in front of me. It’s like that first page of a brand new notebook, so full of promise and as yet unspoilt. But that’s enough with the clichés.

Setting goals

I’m glad that I decided on my goals for the year early and set my 35 before 35 list. Otherwise, I still think I’d probably be pondering them, even now. They’re all personal goals though. I still think I want to set a few more serious goals (for want of a better word). I need to have a sit-down and think about that a bit more though.

Here we go

Anyway, I’m slowly getting into the swing of things now and my head is more in the game. I still need a rocket up my bum to get me truly going (metaphorically, obviously) but I’m hoping that will come along soon.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit of excitement about 2018 and the possibilities it holds. Now I just need to get out there and grab it!

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I'm Lojo, Laura or Mother Ruin depending on how you know me. I'm a 30-something, mum of two girls, from Liverpool living in London. I write about the things that interest me which usually involves food, travel, having fun and gin!

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