Holiday Dreaming

I’m currently sat on my sofa, wearing about 42 layers* and wrapped in a blanket. Outside the rain is pounding against the window and I can hear the wind howling. I’m still cold. What an absolute miserable picture. Not just that but my skin is suffering too. The constant attack of the central heating versus the harsh wind when I do venture out is not doing much for my complexion.

*Only a slight exaggeration.

Moody days

I’m definitely feeling the dark day blues at the minute. I’m just sleepy all the time and kind of just want to go into hibernation. When the days are a bit brighter, lighter and longer I have more energy and I’m just an all round nicer person (sorry to the people who have to deal with me in winter!)

Cece and dad on holiday

Searching for sun

I keep finding myself thinking about holidays. Recently, Tom and I keep talking about when we went to Mexico on our honeymoon. You might think it’s romantic reminiscing – it isn’t we’re just wishing we were carefree and lazing on the beach again! As well as this I keep looking at photos of our holiday to Spain last year. It was Cece’s first trip abroad and she was a star.

Cece on holiday

Holiday shopping

Although we have different priorities when we look for holidays now we’re a family I’ve found it really easy to do a bit of window shopping with Holiday Gems. I’ve been eyeing up the bargain last minute deals. The thought of packing a bag and running off to Heathrow is so very tempting at the minute. Even if it isn’t entirely practical. A girl can dream, right?

I just guess I’m going to have to hold my horses for a little while. I’m definitely hoping to get some sun on my face at some point this year. I just can’t quite afford to plan it yet. There are too many “life” things up in the air at the moment. So, sadly, I’ll have to settle for living vicariously through other peoples plans and window shopping for trips in the meantime.

If you want me you’ll find knee deep in images that I’ll keep pinning to this board.

**Post in collaboration with Holiday Gems**

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