June – In A Nutshell

I used to write these monthly round up posts pretty regularly. They almost became a recurring theme on my blog (not quite) but I did enjoy writing them and thought I might give it another try. OK, I know this is going to be June’s round up and it’s practically half way through July but it’ll just get you excited for the one I post in two weeks time telling you all about this month, right? Right!


So this month, I’ve mostly been…

Making: myself walk more. I need to do more exercise on top of training on a Sunday and walking is the easiest place to start.

Cooking: more. I just stopped cooking and made Tom do it all but since joining Slimming World I’ve been taking control in the kitchen again.

Drinking: diet Coke. I never used to drink much fizzy pop but now when I’m craving something sweet it’s a syn free way to get my sugar fix.

Reading: magazines mostly. I’m struggling to get through books at the minute although while I was on holiday I did finish The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn although that’s more of a short story than a proper book. It was good though and I’ve made a good start on The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion.

Wanting: to get better at roller derby.

Looking: for new hair style inspiration.

Playing: ball and with puzzles. Cece has recently become obsessed with both these things.

Deciding: if we can afford to go to the three weddings we’ve been invited to this year.

Wishing: that I could win a whole heap of cash.

Enjoying: Cece’s ever emerging yet bossy personality.

Waiting: for a change to come.

Liking: having an idea of how to get things back on track.

Wondering: how things will pan out.

Loving: spending a week in the sun with my family.

Pondering: what I actually want to do in life.

Considering: a change in career.

Watching: RuPaul’s Drag Race and routeing for Sasha Velour.

Hoping: that we can get back on our feet soon.

Marvelling: at how fast time seems to be flying by.

Needing: to get organised.

Smelling: fast free vinaigrette. I’m eating a lot of salad recently!

Wearing: a size 14 again! Woo.

Noticing: that my head won’t let my feet do as they’re told.

Knowing: that if I could give my head a big enough wobble I’d be able to pick my feet up.

Thinking: about summer.

Buying: puzzles, books and blocks for Cecilia.

Getting: there, slowly but surely.

Bookmarking: nothing yet.

Disliking: my head taking control.

Giggling: at Cece. She’s hysterical.

Feeling: like everything is going to be alright.

Snacking: fruit, all the fruit.

Hearing: CBeebies. There are programmes on that channel that would turn a woman to kill!

So that was a brief round up of my June. Tried not to get any of July’s thoughts in there to mix it all up but may have overflowed a tiiiiiny bit. Forgive me? Thanks!

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