Let’s have a little catch up

I really want to try to get back into the habit of writing these catch up posts at the end of each month. I know I sort of said that in April but I do actually mean it, you know? Do you even want to read these catch up style posts? Do you want to read anything in particular that I write about? Please let me know.

Anyway, here’s what life’s been like round these parts lately.

Making: bottles of milk. It’s 4am as I’m writing this and Cece has just settled back to sleep. We had a busy day yesterday so she didn’t nap as much so that’s the first time all night she’s woken up.

Cooking: not much to be honest. We’ve been so bad with our diets recently. So full of rubbish. I’m definitely feeling the effects and from today I’m going to pull my socks up, get back in the kitchen and get some veggies in us.

Drinking: again. I still feel really naughty having an alcoholic drink. It’s fun.

Reading: I haven’t really had the time to read so I’m still reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson and Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Wanting: to not go back to work. It’s not till January but it’s fun being at home.

Looking: for new make up. Foundation and powder recommendations are always welcome.

Playing: the fool. Anything to make Cecilia smile.

Deciding: not a lot really. I’m very much just taking one day at a time at the minute.

Wishing: that I could work from home forever.

Enjoying: baby snuggles.

Waiting: to feel properly human again.

Liking: not having to face the commute to the office.

Wondering: how I can get all the things done in the house that I want.

Loving: the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. It’s a life saver.

Pondering: what I actually want to do in life now.

Considering: going to a baby group today. It’ll be my first and I’ll be going it alone. Well, not alone I’ll take the baby obviously.

Watching: Arrested Development from the beginning again and bingeing on Orange Is The New Black.

Hoping: I can get Cece’s christening sorted.

Marvelling: at Tom’s ability to fall asleep just like that.

Needing: more sleep.

Smelling: nothing. Which is always good when there’s a baby around.

Wearing: non-maternity clothes. Yay but also boo. I miss my over bump jeans.

Noticing: that the weather isn’t playing ball. It’s summer, be sunny not gross and sticky or rainy.

Knowing: that time is moving too fast.

Thinking: about the things I could do with doing today.

Buying: clothes that I know I shouldn’t.

Getting: used to settling down for a 4pm power nap.

Bookmarking: jackets. I’ve found a denim one I want and I’m on the hunt for a new leather one too.

Disliking: how poo maternity pay is.

Giggling: at the baby and her excellent facial expressions.

Feeling: alright, you know. Much better than I expected.

Snacking: on anything I can get my hands on and that needs to stop.

Hearing: snoring, in stereo. Cece on my left and Tom on my right.

That’s me for the moment then. How’s things with you?



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