Life Gets In The Way

Hello! Long time, no write.

I took two weeks between my last two posts and then I inadvertently took a month off. I wasn’t expecting to do that, in fact, I didn’t even mean to do it. I guess I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I don’t really want this to be an apology because I promised myself that I would only write when I actually had something to say as opposed to writing just for the sake of it. I never want my blog to become a chore, I want it to remain that thing that I do to relax, that I do to share things and that I do simply because I enjoy it.

life gets in the way

So, I guess we’ve all been in the position where sometimes just life gets in the way and that’s pretty much where I’ve been for the past few weeks. Nothing particularly exciting has been happening in my life to actually get in the way as such, it’s not like I’ve been run off my feet with exciting projects just little things keep happening to get in the way; like really boring everyday life stuff. Boo.

Anyway, I feel like I’m back on top of things now. I’m getting myself back into being organised (letting it slip for a little bit sent my life up the wall and my head a bit west. I’m definitely better at being a planner and organised than by just rolling with it.) I also have a little bit of a backlog of things I actually want to blog about now too, which is good obviously. It’s always good to get back into it when I have a few things I know I want to write about so I’m not panicking about wanting to write but not knowing what to write about.

I guess this post is actually a bit pointless, I know I’m just rambling but I think I just wanted to acknowledge my absence and ease myself back in, just to check that I do remember how to write and that I don’t actually just sit in front of my laptop and stare glassily at it for a while. I’m pretty sure it’s done want I needed it to. It’s allayed my anxieties and I’m feeling alright about getting back in the figurative blogging saddle.

Thanks for waiting for me and I hope you’ll stick around.



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