Life Last Month – April

I think I’ve just squeezed the April edition in a little bit earlier in the month than I did last time. When will I get my head around doing these in good time? The thing is, they’re one of my favourite posts to write too. I like looking back at what I’ve done over the last month and when I moan that I never do anything or go anywhere these posts are here to prove me wrong!

Easter in April

April eased us in gently with a nice Bank Holiday weekend. Cece was completely spoiled. In fact, we still have some chocolate in the fridge! Easter was completed with an Easter egg hunt around Nandy and Grandude’s and as you can see. She was pretty happy with her haul. Also, how cute is the hat?

Cece in April

I decided a little while ago that I need to get myself a bit more organised so I can fit in the things I enjoy doing more. Working on my blog was pretty close to the top of the list so when Joe Blogs invited me to a brand-building workshop I was pretty excited. I don’t think I learnt anything I didn’t already know. A lot of it is common sense but it was presented in a way that made me think about how the little things add up. Things that I don’t do and need to make time to.

april's workshop

Tom’s dad hit a milestone birthday and he had a little gathering at home to celebrate. It was lovely to see Cece playing with other kids. (She’s not a big fan of other children for the most part.) We also got ourselves wrapped up in a pretty competitive game of giant Jenga. Tom lost…

april games

This motley crew are my work buddies. We all went down to Vauxhall for a bit of a team building session and some friendly competition. Axe throwing was so much fun and I was narrowly defeated in the final of our tournament. Prior to that, I’d been completely undefeated! Who knew I’d be quite good at something so random?

axe throwing in april

Cece was really poorly for a couple of weeks in April. She had tonsillitis and an upper respiratory tract infection. I felt so sorry for her. It took ages before she really got back to her old self. It was heartbreaking seeing her be so quiet. Although, I can’t say I hated the cuddles.

We (Cece and I) went up to Liverpool for a week too. It was lovely. I even got a few afternoon naps in. As well as napping I was able to take a couple of nice long soaks and pamper myself a little. In fact, just before I left to go to Liverpool a gorgeous care package came from the lovely lot at Combogesic. What excellent timing, it was very gratefully received!

Liverpool in APril

While I was in Liverpool I took a trip to the hairdressers and said goodbye to the ginge. I wanted something lighter and brighter for the sunnier weather. Katie created a gorgeous colour with pink, lilac and rose gold in. Sadly it hasn’t stuck around but it is washing out in a sort of peachy, rose gold, raspberry ripple kind of affair.

Also, we celebrated Cece’s birthday while we there. Mum organised her a little tea party with a few friends and family. She had intended on throwing her a little birthday party. But with her being so poorly in the run-up she changed her mind and dialed it down. That’s ok, don’t feel bad for Cece. We also celebrated on her actual birthday and again the following weekend. She’s two and having a week-long celebration already. What will it be like by the time she’s a teenager?! I don’t even want to think about it. But get a load of her birthday cake. How incredible is this bad boy? Made by the super talented Bernie Box.


I love going to the zoo. It’s definitely one of my happy places. I just love it. So when I put it on my 35 before 35 list I thought it would encourage me to go. In April, we managed two trips to the zoo in a week! First we went with my mum and dad to Chester Zoo and then we went with Tom to Whipsnade Zoo on Cece’s birthday. So happy!

zoo in april

I also pulled my finger out and made my way back to my roller derby family. I haven’t been to training since Christmas so I thought a night out to Ultimate Power was a good way to ease myself back in. What an absolute bunch of babes. Mad as a box of frogs but excellent all the same. #WeAreLRR

camden in april

Finally, I’m still going strong on the old monthly flower buying thing. I haven’t missed a month yet and sometimes I’ve even bought multiple bunches. It really does make me smile.

April was pretty busy and May looking to be the same way too. Not bad for a girl who claims she doesn’t do anything.

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  1. Lauren Bate says:

    What a busy month! Hope you had a great time in Liverpool and love the new hair!

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