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Things have been a little on the chockablock side in Lojo World lately and Blog Every Day In May went a little by the wayside as life got in the way. So I thought I’d just do a quick recap post on my life lately.

Colour Run UK

Doing:  I’ve been a busy little bee lately. I went to Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds over the Bank Holiday Weekend and had a brilliant time. It was lots of fun but on top of that it was nice to catch up with some of my lovely friends from home that I haven’t seen for a while. I also went to Camden Rocks festival on Saturday which was, again, a nice chance to catch up with some other friends. Then yesterday I toodled over to Wembley to take part in The Color Run for Carers UK. Although I’m no runner we had a lot of fun. As you can see in the photo above which was taken just minutes after we crossed the finish line.

Eating: Pretty much everything I can put my hands on. After feeling pretty ropey after a Japanese meal on Saturday night I was a bit scared of eating yesterday. I quickly got over that once I got home after The Color Run and a Domino’s was ordered. Yummy. Now though I’m back to being good. I just generally feel better about myself when I’m putting good food in my mouth. It’s not rocket science really is it?

Planning and Eagerly Anticipating: Still our wedding. There’s 94 days to go now and we went shopping for a flower girl dress a couple of weeks ago. I need to add some sparkles to her shoes but that’s about it. All the flowers and button holes arrived last week too. That made me excited. My friend from work got married on Saturday too so looking at all his photos and chatting to him about the day is getting me super excited for ours.

Listening: I’ve been reliving my youth with some pop-punk tunes lately. It’s probably encouraged by going to Slam Dunk but either way it’s still excellent sunny day music.

Learning: It’s not really learning but I am taking part in the 30 day plank challenge.  I’ve been moaning about it a lot on Twitter, it’s hard! I’m up to day 7 and need to do 45 seconds at some point today. I start wobbling after about 20 seconds. I’m still trying though.

So…there there it is my life, lately.

What have you been up to?



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  • full name klaxon yeah I hardly ever call the girls
  • On Saturday I actually put something on that wasnt dungarees
  • These flowers are on all the railings at the crossroads
  • This little squidge isnt quite as happy as this today




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