Life Lately – A Little Catch Up

Well hello there, it feels like it’s been some time since we last had a chat so I thought I’d catch you up on everything that’s been going on in my life recently.

As I said in my goodbye to last year post, 2016 had been a bit of an odd one and to be honest I didn’t burst into the new year with quite as much enthusiasm as I’d have hoped for. 2016 left me with quite the metaphorical hangover, there were a few annoying things that I’d have like to have tied up before Christmas but they dragged themselves into this year. Finally, though, as of the end of this week, they are done. So I’m hoping the beginning of February bursts into life the way I wanted January to.

So we’ve bought a house, we’ll officially it’s a flat but it has two floors and it’s ours. Woo hoo. This is a process that has been dragging on and on and has been so drawn out I thought we’d never finally get to this point. But as of yesterday, we are finally done and Tom is going to go and pick up the keys this afternoon. We’re having such a huge clear out while we’re packing up and it’s starting to feel kind of cathartic. I’m actually enjoying it. I most definitely won’t be feeling the same at the other end when I have to empty the boxes, though!

Also, I’m being made redundant from work. This is definitely not fun, especially as I was gearing up to return to work soon. I finally got official confirmation that my last day will. E 31st March, this week though which means I can start looking for a new role. I’m starting to think it’s a blessing in disguise because it’s time I needed a new challenge to face. Yes, it’s come at a shitty time what with having just bought the Flat and being on maternity leave but it’s one of those things. They’re shutting our whole office so a lot of people are affected. Although, if you are looking for a content manager, call me, yeah?!

In other news, I have been approved to graduate Fresh Meat and join Wreck League at London Rockin’ Rollers which is good. I haven’t fully passed my minimal skills yet so I’m not scrum ready, sadly but I will be soon. I’m determined to keep working to get there.

I’ve also been pushing myself out my comfort zone by volunteering to help with Newham NCT stuff. I’m always a bit scared of putting myself out there and meeting new people but I’m launching myself in at the deep end by helping out at a baby rave this afternoon, yeah, I know, right!

With the house and work stuff now officially tied up, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest and I can kind of breath again. I hate that feeling of being in limbo and now that it is finally finished I feel renewed. My spark is slowly starting to reignite itself and there’s a whole host of projects for me to throw myself into ahead of me now. I’m starting to feel less hopeless and more, I can do this. So it might be a bit delayed but now, watch out 2017, I’m coming for you!

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