Life, oh life, dooo do do do

Did you sing that title? Is that really old Des’ree song now stuck in your head? Sorry about that. If it’s any consolation I feel your pain and can’t stop humming it too. It’s particularly bad because it’s just the chorus that’s stuck in my head so I can’t even move on from it!

So, somehow I managed to blink and now it’s the middle of October. This year seems to have done that to me a lot. I feel like it’s just barrelled past me at some great speed while I’ve been barely holding on. What’s going on?

Part of me is actually pretty pleased that this year is coming to a close. That means it’s nearly Christmas (I bloody love Christmas), I get a good stretch of time back in Liverpool and the new year always feels like a blank page and a new start. At the same time though, I’m not quite ready for this year to be over yet. Life totally feels like it’s just flashing before my eyes at the moment. It’s a really odd feeling. A bit “out of body”. Like I know I’m there and taking part but I always feel a bit removed from the situation and like I’m watching it as an outsider. It’s something I’ve only just sort of realised is happening too but looking back it’s been going on for a while.

I need to get some sort of order back in my life but I’m not entirely sure where to start.

My diet is pretty poor at the moment and I’m definitely not drinking enough water. Both of these are taking their toll on my skin. I’m not exercising enough either. The combination of all of this is zapping my energy levels and I’ve had a sore throat and tickly cough that I just can’t shift. In general, I’ve not been looking after myself very well and I need to do better. The house has been pushed to the wayside a little bit too and needs sorting out. We have so much stuff that needs sorting out so I can do a good deep clean before putting the Christmas decorations up. Also, so we have somewhere to store all of the things a certain young lady is sure to acquire over the festive period. Plus, although we moved in in February nowhere is particularly finished yet. I feel like once I’ve managed to clear everything out I’ll be able to get a better idea of what we actually need to get rooms finished.

That kind of feels like it’s just the tip of the iceberg though.

Maybe it is, but at least it gives me somewhere to start. If I start racking up the things that I’m feeling a bit bleurgh about I’ll never get started tackling them.

I’m hoping that getting all this down will help sort it out in my head so I know where to begin and so I can find a bit more space for blogging again. I have loads of posts sitting in drafts that need to be written up properly. I just haven’t had a chance to knuckle down and get them out there. So that’s on my to do list too. I really want to make more time for blogging. It’s something I miss a lot when I take time away.

There we have it really. Life has been flinging along at silly speed with me just clinging on for the ride. For the remainder of the year, I’m hoping to grab it and actually feel in control for a change.

Fingers crossed.

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