Live Review: McBusted, Hyde Park

Sunday 6th July shall go down in history as officially the most fun day in the history of the world. Ever. Bold statement, but when a day is jam-packed with as much poppy goodness as this day was there is no arguing with it. Steph and I skipped down memory lane for a day of drinking and dancing and it was goooood!

Laura and Steph at McBusted

The sun was beating down on Hyde Park that afternoon and if that alone wasn’t enough to make you a giddy goat, seeing Diversity on the main leaf covered stage at British Summer Time definitely set you up the right way. Bloody hell, those boys can move. We always knew they were excellent but seeing them live, they really know how to put on a show. The half hour or so that they performed certainly whet my appetite and now, I’m gagging to get down to The O2 to see them later this year. Also, Ashley Banjo really is that dreamy in real life!

Laura and Steph at McBusted

Sadly, the theatre stage had to be shut as the floor collapsed the night before. This meant no Five or Lawson playing, which was a real shame and made the boy band quota of the day drop slightly. So at this point we wandered back to the bar, drank some cocktails and lazed around on the comfiest and biggest bean bags I’ve ever seen while we discussed the merits of Scouting For Girls. (I’d like to point out here that we could hear them from where we sat; it wasn’t just a random topic of conversation.) So, it seems there aren’t any. I’m not entirely sure if they started and ended their set with the same song or if their songs all just sound so similar that we couldn’t tell the difference. Oops. Anyway, the rest of the bands set to perform on the theatre stage had all managed to get shuffled round and squeezed onto other stages, meaning we still got to see Wheatus and kick off our night long trip down memory lane.


After a quick dash to the bar we got our prime place at the front to see Backstreet Boys. Last time we saw them was on their tour with NKOTB and Kevin wasn’t with them, much to Steph’s disappointment. However, this time they were back as a five piece and so brilliant. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces, even when the heaven’s opened and we got soaked. Every word was sung straight back at them and all the dance routines I spent hours in front of the TV learning as a youngster came flooding back too, although I did resist busting out any of my spectacular moves in the crowd.

Backstreet Boys

Just as the rain was clearing the pop supergroup that is taking over the world took to the stage in excellent style. Secret Cinema should take a few hints and tips from these boys as Matt and James hit the stage in a flying Delorean! Kicking off with Air Hostess the bar was set high from the beginning and boy, did they go over and above it. There is so much I could say about McBusted’s set that this post would take you about three days to read but I won’t go into all the nitty-gritty. Some of my highlights were how magical it felt when a rainbow appeared over the stage during Five Colours In Her Hair, them not wanting to leave so starting the set again – hearing Air Hostess twice was ace! Crashed The Wedding being played in wedding dresses and Dougie not being able to get his off afterwards. Oh I loved it all! It was so ridiculously fun it took weeks to calm me down. I was on such a high when we left that even the crowds of people and return of the rain couldn’t bring me down.


I never want them to not be McBusted anymore and I want to see them again soon!

Did you see them? What did you think?



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