Lost Ties

I’ve been writing a lot of personal posts recently. I must have been feeling particularly introspective over the last couple of weeks. Maybe that’s what a big life change does to you. Maybe I’m just being a big wuss. Either way, I’ll try to break these up with some other things soon. I promise.

Before our wedding I was thinking about the important people in my life (obviously) and I started thinking about the people who were very important in my life but aren’t there any more. I don’t necessarily mean those that physically aren’t with us anymore, I mean the people who you spend a lot of time with then you just drift apart or you fall out or things like that.

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 Sometimes I think about the people I used to consider really important in my life and feel sad that they’ve drifted out of it. Of course I don’t mean everyone that has been important to me. Some of them I can’t get rid of no matter how hard I try đŸ˜‰ (only joking!) I mean those people who were such an integral part of your life for a relatively short time then *poof* that’s it, they’re gone. Your lives go in separate directions and you just don’t see them anymore.

There’s a saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and it really is true. Those that are in my life for a lifetime (you know who you are) are so special to me. I might not see them or even speak to them as often as I should but when I do it’s like no time has passed. We catch up on everything that has happened and then carry on like normal. I can count these real-life friends on my fingers, I don’t even think it reaches double figures but these are the ones I know I can count on. That I know would be there for me if I ever needed them to be and that I can totally be myself with.

As much as I love this motley crew I still can’t help feel a little sad about those reason and season people. It’s probably looking back with rose-tinted glasses but a bit of sentimentality never hurt anyone I guess. There’s a couple of these reasons and seasons that I’d happily welcome back into my life I think. Even if it is just for another short time around. It would either be lovely or prove why they drifted away in the first place, I guess.

This post took me quite some time to write. I kept starting it and coming back to it, writing it and deleting it. Not really sure of the direction I wanted it to take or even the point of it. I think I decided in the end that I just needed to write it all down and get it out of my head so I can move past the reminiscing and look forward to the new year. I don’t mean to be vague but without going into details about the specifics of the people I’ve been thinking about it’s kind of hard to know what to say.

Sorry for the rambling, pointless post and if you have actually got this far in reading it I’m well impressed and even more sorry that I can’t give you the 5 minutes or however long it took you to read back.

Ah well, que sera, sera



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