Mixing Magic Potions at The Cauldron, East London

All my magical dreams came true in a little bar, called The Cauldron,  just minutes away from Dalston Kingsland Station. Get your minds out of the gutter, I mean this 100% literally. I was whisked away to a world of witchcraft, wizardry and alcohol.

Lojo in The Cauldron

Upon arrival, I was handed a robe and a wand. I couldn’t have been more excited. I swished about in my robe, waving my wand with wild abandon for a good five minutes before I even went to find my station.

Lojo in The Cauldron

Our potion station was set up with a selection of bottles, a large mixing flask, stirrer and a set of instructions of how to create the Transfiguration Toniq. So far, so enchanting, right?

Transfiguration Toniq


During the one hour and 45-minute mixology lesson, we mixed ourselves two tasty magic potions and took a trip to the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is so called because of the incredible, life-giving elixirs that pour from its branches with a tap of your wand. The tree gives you a choice of three drinks: a satsuma and lychee mocktail, a vodka and roseberry cocktail or Four Cauldrons ale. Personally, I asked the tree for the roseberry cocktail. Luckily it liked me and with a flick of my wand, it dispensed a glass of pinky-orange deliciousness. (FYI I’ve heard that Four Cauldrons is really good too.)

us at the cauldron

Tickets are £29.99 and include 2 magic potion cocktails and a drink from the Tree of Life. Although alcohol-free options are available this experience is strictly over 18s. The Cauldron isn’t hanging around for long so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a witch or wizard I’d recommend getting your tickets now.

*I was invited down with the Love Pop Ups London crew for review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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