Modern Fables

In deepest, darkest Bermondsey there sits a bar called The Escapist. It’s owned by Lavinia Carter and once upon a time, it was a lively part of the local arts scene. But strange occurrences and rumours abound meaning The Escapist isn’t the hub it once was.

Modern Fables note

Where is Lavinia?

Alfie, Lavinia’s longtime friend, is doing all he can to keep the bar afloat whilst Lavinia jets off on her adventures. But this time, he has an unnerving feeling. She’s been gone a while and he’s usually heard from her by now. Combine this with her ever erratic behaviour and he’s starting to worry.

Modern Fables Alfie

We’d been asked along to help restore the bar to its former glory so Lavinia had a business to return to. But we couldn’t help snooping. Half-heard stories and unearthed truths about her grandfather piqued our interest. Where had Lavinia run off to this time? What really did happen to her grandfather? And how are we going to fill our time when there are no customers in the bar anyway?!

Modern Fables bar

Modern Fables

Modern Fables is a fun escape room with an interesting story. You can’t help but feel immersed in the world of Lavinia and her grandfather. Plus, Alfie is so nice you can’t help but want to help!

The current record time of completing Modern Fables is 32 minutes. So I’m very proud to say that we came pretty close with 35 minutes.

*I was invited to take part for review purposes. Big thanks to Modern Fables and Joanne from Love Pop Ups London for having me.

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