New Baby Flowers

Caution: woe is me, “my diamond shoes are too tight” style sob story follows. Please don’t think I’m ungrateful at any point in this post because I’m most definitely not. It’s a simple case of life not following the stereotype I hold in my head sometimes.

Getting flowers delivered is one of my most favourite things in the world and it definitely doesn’t happen enough. Every celebratory day that passes I hope that there’ll be a knock on the door and someone will be delivering me flowers. Especially those times when I have to work on my birthday or something. As embarrassing as the packed tube home from the office would be it would be that weird kind of embarrassment where you feel special too. At least, I imagine it would, because it’s never actually happened. Once upon a time ago, my best friend, Hannah, sent me flowers to my office a few times but I don’t recall it happening since. *insert sad face emoji here*

So, when Cece was born I was pretty excited. Not only because I had a tiny little baby to take home but I’d heard stories of new mum’s houses being filled to bursting with well wishers sending fresh blooms and helium balloons their way. I even mentioned to Tom during my labour fuelled haze “Do you think anyone will send me flowers when the baby’s here?” He assured me in the affirmative and I was sated for the time being. As we were leaving the hospital I noticed a few rooms with “It’s A Baby!” balloons floating around and remember thinking I was glad we didn’t have to try a negotiate the journey home with our precious new cargo with balloons getting in the way of the rear view mirror.

Fast forward to a little while later and we were inundated with parcels and presents galore for Cecilia but not a single bunch of flowers. I was a bit miffed – baby brain will do that to you, I swear it makes you get irrationally fixated on things (and to be fair to them Hannah and Kat both brought me flowers when they visited.)

Anyway, enough of my moaning because the other day I did actually get some new baby flowers from Prestige Flowers and my word, were they pretty. I received the rather beautiful Paris bouquet* and they are really quite stunning – much better looking than my photo gives them credit for too. The dusky pinky purple roses are just gorgeous and the lilies opened after a day or so and were massive. You can add items to the delivery when you order from Prestige and one of the add ons is a vase, which I received with my bouquet and my only issue is that it was a bit too small to comfortably fit these flowers into so I had to dig out another, slightly bigger one. (It also means I now have another vase that I can leave lying around the house to try to encourage Tom to pick me up some flowers while he’s out and about!) What a good problem to have, right?

I love having fresh flowers in the house (especially since I can’t keep a plant alive) and having them delivered made me feel extra special so everything worked out in my favour in the end.

I’m fully aware that this post has made me sound like a spoiled brat and I really am not – I swear! I just really, really like flowers.



*I was gifted this bouquet but all thoughts, words and opinions are 100% my own.

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