New hair, don’t care!

Normally of a morning, I get up when a small child jumps on me or shouts my name. I put Cbeebies on in our bedroom and then proceed to get myself ready for work. This is sometimes followed by getting the aforementioned small child ready but is always soundtracked by Tom and I discussing the incompetence of Postman Pat at his job.

This morning, however, I woke up in a hotel in Nottingham. It’s ok, it’s the same place I went to bed. I wasn’t captured and taken there overnight. I popped the TV on and didn’t have to automatically tune in to that whinging Bing bunny and took my time moseying around and getting ready for work before I went down for breakfast. (Breakfast is the best thing about staying in a hotel!)

After breakfast, I came back up to my room to finish my packing and I put the TV back on. I clearly need noise around me when I’m on my own. Either that or it’s a force of habit, I’m not sure. Anyway, Lorraine was on and announced that the hot new hair colour for this season is red.

If Lorraine Kelly says it, it must be true!

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to discover this news because that’s only what I went did this weekend.

We all know a trip home wouldn’t be complete with a visit to the hairdressers and at half-past 10 on Saturday morning I trundled down the road with long (for me), pinky/purple hair and when I re-emerged blinking into the bright winter sun a few hours later I had a short, red bob.

before hair

Bleach that pink away.

I have an awful lot of hair and it doesn’t half take a battering. The amount of times it has been drowned in bleach and hasn’t yet left me is astounding. This time was absolutely no different.

Sometimes I wonder if I have any nerve endings left in my scalp. I got the odd bit of an itch that comes with the bleach but once it’s been washed off and a toner or new colour applied I feel nothing. I no longer feel that sting that comes with throwing more chemicals at freshly bleached hair.

bleached hair

Redheads have more fun?

One of the other stylists passed comment that the colour in the bowl that was about to be painted on to my head looked “interesting”. I’m wasn’t entirely sure how to take that but didn’t let it put me off. I’d had the idea in my head for weeks that I wanted to be a redhead.

hair dye

Cut it all off.

Not only did I decide I wanted a complete change in colour. Nothing new there. I also decided that after spending months growing my hair I wanted it all chopped off. I cannot explain to you how light my head feels and how happy I am that I can now wear a hat to keep warm!

new hair

I haven’t actually washed it yet (I know, I know) but I am excited at the fact that it’s not going to take hours and hours for it to dry.

So yeah, not only am I totally on trend according to Lorraine, I’m loving my new look too.

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