November Photo An Hour

I’m a big fan of Jane’s blog, Is That You, Darling? and there are two series of posts that she does that I really enjoy reading and that have encouraged me to try myself too. One is her list of goals to complete before her birthday each year and the other is her photo an hour challenges. I’m trying to compile a mental birthday list of my own so if I actually manage to complete it, I’ll share that with you too.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to give this a go for the past few months and the nominated day has just slipped me by. This month though, the day was last Saturday (19th) and I remembered to snap some photos. Lucky for you, I actually happened to leave the house for a change so it’s not all just my view from the sofa.

 november photo a day 1

7.30am – Tom got up with Cece when she woke up at 5.30(!) and let me try to catch up on some sleep. I’d only just got up at this point and it was time to try to get her down for her morning nap.

8.30am – Catching up on emails and watching Gilmore Girls.

 photo an hour 2

9.30am – Breakfast time! This is a face that is happily filled with smushed banana.

10.30am – Catching up on laundry. All the exciting chores to fill a Saturday morning.

photo an hour 3

11.30am – Nap time! This photo was taken by Tom (clearly). I’d been awake since 1.30am so when the baby went for her lunchtime nap I decided to join her. I definitely needed it to get through the rest of the day.

12.30pm – Getting ready. I thought I’d best put some make up on so I didn’t scare everyone when I left the house for the afternoon.

photo an hour 4

1.30pm – On our way out. Trying to make a car journey look a little bit more interesting. It’s difficult.

2.30pm – We went to Tottenham to see a London Rockin’ Rollers Double Header. It was incredible. Such a good bout. This is the Badasses vs Norfolk Brawds.

photo an hour 4

 3.30pm – Time to buy some merch. Support your London Rockin’ Rollers.

4.30pm – Time for bout two. This was the Allstars Vs Limerick and what a game it was! So close right up until the final jam but we did it. What a win.

photo an hour 5

5.30pm – Family selfie. We were all very excited by the roller derby as you can see.

6.30pm – A dark and dingy drive home.

photo an hour 6

7.30pm – Home again.

8.30pm – I settled down in front of The X Factor with a sleeping baby and an indian take away. Then I snoozed on the couch until bedtime. I’m so rock and roll.

It’s actually kind of difficult to try to remember to take a photo every hour but hopefully I’ll get better at it as the months go on. I think it’s the nosy part of me that enjoys posts like this, I guess for the same reason that I enjoy watching day in the life You Tube videos. Hopefully, you find this kind of thing as interesting as I do!

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