On The Search For Super Speakers

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but Tom is a bit of a tech geek. He loves reading about all the latest newfangled gadgets that I don’t really understand the ins and outs of so whenever we’re in the market to buy something like that he tends to make the decisions. If it was left to me it would all be based on how it looks and how much it costs.

Super Hifi Speaker Search

Recently, at the top of Tom’s list has been hifi speakers. When we lived in Hertford we used to spend quite a lot of time listening to music. That was probably because it was a shared house and we spent a lot of time in our room because the lounge could barely fit more than two people in it. Now we’re in our own flat we have more space to spread out plus a whole world of stuff to keep us entertained like Sky TV and Netflix. So pretty much the only time we really listen to music is in the car and as we live in London I don’t drive much.

Music used to be such a huge part of my life that sometimes I really miss it. Occasionally when I’m doing the housework I’ll pop a YouTube playlist on and send it to the TV using the Chromecast but other than that we don’t really have a way of playing music that isn’t tinny and from our phones. We do have a bluetooth soundbar in the living room but for some reason it really hates Spotify and stutters its way through my tunes; which is a bit off-putting when you’re giving it your all singing along to the Nashville soundtrack!

I think Tom’s dream would to be for us to have one of those fancy-pants systems with speakers in every room and you can have different music in different zones of the house. You know which ones I mean, you’ve seen the adverts. (If you do know what these are called please let me know because I have actually forgotten.) Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is he has decided we need a wireless speaker. He’s been looking at reviews and I keep nodding and smiling. I’m baffled my all the tech whizziness of them and kind of long for the days I used to sit and make radio shows on tapes (please tell me someone else did this too, yeah?) I show more interest when he mentions brands that I recognise like Sony, Panasonic and Bose but that’s about it.

Do any of you have a wireless speaker system that you would recommend or do you glaze over when it comes to technical specs like I do? How am I supposed to now which one is right for us? None of them say “excellent for blasting Busted while you do the dusting.” It’s all too complicated for me.



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  1. Kezzie says:

    Ha,I know NOTHING about such things (embarassing since I went to a University with a tech music department- I just didn’t carry on with those modules after the first year! They sound very swanky. I WOULD like some good speakers for my music room at school though as I only have a monitor speaker which for playing music is rubbish!x

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