Paint and Sip – Review: The Paint Republic at Stane Street Syndicate

*I was invited to The Paint Republic for review purposes through Love Pop Ups London. Although my meal was gifted, all thoughts and words are my own.

I don’t consider myself to be particularly artistic. In fact, when Cece asks me to draw things for her they never really look how they’re supposed to. Dogs, horses, cats, cows – they all kind of look the same. I’m just glad that she’s only three so is just happy that I’ve tried and at least pretends to be impressed by my drawing skills.

paint republic professional picture

I’d love to be good at something artistic and am infinitely jealous of those people that can brandish a pencil or paintbrush with a certain flair and produce something incredible.

paint pots at paint republic

When I sat down at my blank canvas and looked at the picture we were being guided through creating, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to recreate anything remotely close to that. I was reassured it didn’t matter though. It didn’t matter if I wanted to paint something completely different to the guide picture I could paint what I wanted as long as I was having a good time and giving it a try. That’s what The Paint Republic is all about.

Holding my painting at the paint republic

I was actually surprised with myself and how much I really enjoyed it. Just putting paint on a canvas was relaxing and kind of therapeutic. It took my mind off the general day to day worries of life and gave me something different to concentrate on for a few hours.

my painting at the paint republic

I had such a good time painting and as a bonus, I don’t think my painting turned out too badly. Well, if you look at it and squint or stand really far back it doesn’t look too far off what I was aiming for.

It was a lot of fun, especially if you leave you inhibitions and worries about your painting and artistic talent at the door. It’s a very chilled but fun night out and definitely something that I’d love to do again. Especially as this time I can have a glass of wine while I paint!

Jo and I with our paintings at The Paint Republic
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