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There’s been a bit of a baby boom amongst mine and Tom’s friends recently with three gorgeous girls and two beautiful boys being born with the past six months or so. Seeing my Facebook timeline flooded with all these gorgeous little people is enough to almost make me broody!

I always struggle when it comes to buying presents for new babies. I mean, everything in their size is so super cute but I’ve known people get so many baby clothes as presents that they can’t change their outfit quick enough to wear them all before they grow. Plus, what if you get something they don’t like?

I’ve been on this baby shopping rollercoaster for a little while now. Soft toys and booties have been bought and gifted and (I hope) liked. Now, we have two more baby gifts to buy and I have been running out of ideas. That was until I discovered Doodlebump. Doodlebump sell personalised nursery art, cards and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Not only that but they’re really reasonably priced and arrive super quickly too. A personalised picture mounted and ready to be popped into a frame for £18 to £22 depending on size is a bargain. You can even buy them ready framed so all you have to do is hang it when it arrives.


A certain lovely little lady is getting this super pretty print* of her name and I’m excited to see what her mummy thinks of it.


Have you bought anything from Doodlebump? Have you got any brilliant shops I should check out for presents as Christmas arrives?



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