I am all about the escape rooms this year. Have you noticed? Ha! When we went to Escape The Seven Seas in Shadwell, we were offered a bonus room when we came out. We couldn’t turn down a chance to try another room. So, we gave Taken* a try.


Sadly, Liam Neeson was nowhere to be seen and we had to use our own set of very particular skills without him. Our friend Bob had been missing for days and the police kept running up against dead ends. They had no leads and their forensic evidence had gone missing. There was only one thing that we could do if we ever wanted to see Bob again. Take matters into our own hands and look for him ourselves. His last known whereabouts was an office in an engineering facility. That’s where we find ourselves standing while we quickly search for clues.


This room was actually a lot of fun. Not as demanding or challenging as Escape The Seven Seas but much more light hearted. (Even though we were trying to save our friend from a serial killer.) There some challenges that I’d not seen before and one or two in particular that I really enjoyed. One with a magnet and one with a stick. Sorry to be vague but I don’t want to give anything away and I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I mean if you have.


We escaped from Taken (with Bob in one piece) in 35 minutes. Another record that we didn’t manage to beat. Although I think that may have been our own fault as we were a little confused over keys that had been used and those that hadn’t. Thinking about it, this room probably would’ve suited a slightly smaller group than us to stop that happening.

Never mind, it was lots of fun and we left with a big old smile on our face. More good work from Escape London.

*I was invited to Escape London for the purpose of review. All thoughts and words are my own. Thanks to Escape London and Love Pop Ups London for a great night.

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